Al Muerzo Resto Bar

He graduated Com laude at Southern Luzon State University, finished his masteral degree major in management and supervisory. summa com laude at Ateneo De Manila.He is the current General Manager of Shangri-La Hotel in Manila. GAYLON, CARMINA She graduated com laude at Southern Luzon State University, finished her masteral degree major in culinary arts. Currently the executive of golden dragon restaurant. DEL MUNDO, CYRILL He graduated at Southern Luzon State University, major in bartending and cocktail mixing. He is the current owner of cheers and jum ATIENZA, GERALD He graduated at Southern Luzon State University, major in housekeeping manae girial. OBJECTIVES MISSION AL’MUERZO aims to be the unique premier organization of casual dining Mexican restaurant.To serve freshly prepared high quality Mexican food in a relaxed and festive atmosphere by a friendly and knowledgeable staff. We will do so by providing our guest with the most entertaining dining experience in flavor of Mexican cuisine. We passionately deliver consistent unique experience wrapped in the festive sights, sounds, energy, fun and flavors of being part of Lucban, Quezon that is so rich and colorful. We provide also who work with us a friendly, hospitable, cooperative and rewarding environment which is the best character of being Lucbanin. VISIONOur vision is to provide the extraordinary flavor of Mexican, the premium quality food at a reasonable price with the commitment of promoting a unique twist of tastiness in every bite. Introduce the flavor and culture of a Mexican food item and refreshment. AL’MUERZO is innovating the new food experience for Lucbanin though the constant pursuit of perfection. Maintain the hygiene and good facilities of restaurant and using the alternative materials for the better of Lucban, Quezon in no plastic policy. We strive to bring our guest the ultimate dining experience though excellent food, outstanding customer service and genuine hospitality.OBJECTIVE AL’MUERZO is a place where people who truly enjoy real and authentic Mexican cuisine will find an enormous and extensive selection of dishes, appetizer, desserts and drinks from a various part of Mexico. AL’MUERZO offers their guest very Mexican’s experience ambience even if where located in Lucban, Quezon, decorated a Mexican style, with bright colors pleasing to the eye, plants, fine art, music, and paper-art found in Mexican’s festivals. AL’MUERZO offers everything needed to satisfy even the most outlandish character. ORGANIZATION AND ADMINISTRATIONAL, MUERZO is a partnership type of business owned by the person in the project proponents. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUUCTURE MARKET STUDY Market Description Demand Competitive Position Marketing Programs Contribution of the Project II. MARKETING STUDY MARKET DISCRIPTION TARGET CLIENTS: * STUDENTS * EMPLOYEES * ORDINARY PEOPLE * TRAVELERS * TOURIST COMPETITVE POSITION * International taste in a cheaper price. * Quality service * Great ambiance * Approachable staffs * Safe foods and drinks DEMAND Our major consumers are those students from high school and college, and also we are those who work in the offices and in the municipality.MARKETING PROGRAMS: * To promote our establishment and products we will advertise at 104. 5 radio natin. * In the opening of our establishment we are giving away free souvenir in any product they bought upon order in the counter. * We also deliver without extra charge. CONTRIBUTION OF THE PROJECT: The contributions of our establishment are the following: * It will give new experience to the population of Lucban , Quezon to the food of Mexico City. * We will pay the necessary payments needed to operate our restaurant. * We will follow to the no plastic policy of the locality. TECHNICAL FEASIBILITYProduct/services Flow process Production and operation schedule Machinery and equipment Site Location Layout Building Raw materials Waste disposal Utilities Labor III. TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY PRODUCT: SNACKS CORUNDAS P 45. 00 TAMALEP 35. 00 NACHOSP 50. 00 PAMBAZOSP 30. 00 MEXICAN SALSAP 25. 00 GUACAMOLEP 45. 00 MAIN COURSE TACOSP 50. 00 QUESO RELLENOP 50. 00 PAELLA DE MARISCO P 45. 00 MOLOTESP 45. 00 ENSALADAP 40. 00 CHELAQUILESP 40. 00 CHILE EN NOGADAP 50. 00 ARROZ CON POLOP 50. 00 TAQUITOSP 35. 00 VERACRUZANAP. 50. 00 Dessert ALFAJORES TRIPLESP 35. 00 FLANP 25. 00 PLANTAIN CHIPSP 20. 00 MALORQUINAP 30. 0 TRESLECHES CAKEP 25. 00 BEVERAGE MICHELADAP 20. 00 HORCHATA DE CHUFAP 25. 00 MEZCALP 35. 00 PULQUE (TOMATO / APPLE) P 30. 00 FLOW PROCESS OPERATION SCHEDULE MACHININERY AND EQUIPMENT | CAZUELASP 2,500. 00| COMAL P 3,000. 00| GAS RANGEP 25,000. 00| GAS TANKS P 2000. 00| METATE Y MANOP 1,500. 00| MORTAR AND PESELP 500. 00| MOLINILO P 300. 00| OVENP 15,000. 00| COOKING PANSP 23,800. 00| SLISER P 500. 00| TORTILLERO P 3,000. 00| Total value : P 76 300. 00| SITE LOCATION Quezon avenue, cornerG.Cadelina street Lucban, Quezon beside Ongville Complex Center. Location Map LAYOUT BUILDING AND FACILITIES 459. 7392 sq. Meters RAW MATERIALS We will get our meat supplies at ABCEDES BEST our vegetables at local farmers of Lucban, Quezon and our spices at SM city Lucena. Meats| P 10,000| Vegetables| P 7,000| Spices| P 1,000| Total cost | P 18 000. 00| WASTE DISPOSAL We will dispose our waste and gavages by : * We will segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable. * We will recycle recyclable materials. * We will collect our entire used container and sell them to “bakal, bote, dyaryo vendors. And the most important we will not use plastic in take outs. UTILITIES Electricity| P 15,000. 00| Water| P 10,000. 00| Telephone| P 9,000. 00| Fuel| P 5,000. 00| Total cost| P 44,400. 00| Labor We will conduct per hour payment to our employees for 12 hours a day. Secretary| P 5200. 00| Executive chef| P 5200. 00| Cashier| P 5200. 00| Head waiter| P 5200. 00| Cook| P 3900. 00| Kitchen helper| P 3900. 00| Assistant head waiter| P 3900. 00| Dish washers| P 2600. 00| Waiter| P 2600. 00| Bus boy| P 2600. 00| Total labor / month| P 40 300. 00| FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY Cost of fixed capital Production/operation costTotal project cost Sources of capital Financial analysis Appendices IV. FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY COST OF FIXED CAPITAL Land| 500 sq. *4000/sq. m = P 2,000,000. 00| Building| 459. 7392 sq. m*1500/sq. m =P 689,608. 80| Machines and equipment| P 76 300. 00| Total cost| P 2,765,908. 80| PRODUCTION AND OPERATION COST Materials| P 216,000. 00| Supplies| P 25,000. 00| labor| P 483,600. 00| Total cost| P 724,600. 00| TOTAL PROJECT COST Fixed capital| P 2,765,908. 80| Working capital| P 724,600. 00| Total capital| P 2,864,856. 80| SOURCES OF CAPITAL Sherwin M Salvan| P 1,000,000. 00 LBP| Cyrill Del Mundo| P 750,000. 00 BDO|Carmina Gaelon| P 7500,000. 00 BDO| Jeric Ateinza| P 700,000. 00 BCP| Total capital| P 3,200,000. 00| FINANCIAL ANALYSIS This analysis shows the monthly cost of the product preparation. This analysis shows the year by year return of investment. This shows that the business recovers from loss profits and gain revenues. APPENDICES Name: Sherwin M. Salvan Age: 19 years old Date of Birth: October 19, 1993 Place of Birth: Lucena City, Quezon Address: Jasmin St. Inter Town Homes, Tayabas City, Quezon School: College: Southern Luzon State University, Lucban, Quezon High School: Luis Palad National High School, Tayabas CityElementary: Tayabas East Central School I, Tayabas City Name: Age: Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Address: School: College: High School: Elementary: APPENDICES Name: Sherwin M. Salvan Age: 19 years old Date of Birth: October 19, 1993 Place of Birth: Lucena city, Quezon Address: Inter Town Homes, Tayabas City, Quezon School: College: Southern Luzon State University High School: Luis Palad National High School Elementary: Tayabas East Central School I Name: Jeric Atienzaz Age: 19 years old Date of Birth: December 12, 1993 Place of Birth: Lucban, Quezon Address: Lucban, Quezon School: College: Southern Luzon State UniversityHigh School: Banahaw View Academy Elementary: Paaralang Elementarya Ng Lucban Name: Carmina R. Gaelon Age: 18 years old Date of Birth: March 22, 1994 Place of Birth: Lucban, Quezon Address: 80 regidor st. Lucban, Quezon School: College: Southern Luzon State University High School: Lucban Academy Elementary: Casa del Nino Jesus De Lucban Name: Cyril T. Del MUndo Age: 22 years old Date of Birth: October 1, 1991 Place of Birth: Lucana City Address: Jael Subd. Ilayang Iyam Lucena City School: College: Southern Luzon State University High School: Maryhill College Elementary: Maryhill College

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