Ap Psych Chapter 1 Notes

Use this document to explore everything you learned in this lesson. * The Word Screen * Click on the Office Button, notice the different options available to you * Click the Start button, notice the different options available to you * Locate the Status bar; notice that it lists the number of words in this document * The Ribbon * Click on each tab and identify the groups in each tab * Spend some time reviewing the groups to familiarize yourself with the commands available in each group * Screen Tips Roll your pointer over each command in a group you would like to know more about and read the screen tip that appears * Locate a dialog box launcher * Open a dialog box * The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) * Click the QAT drop down menu to identify your additional options * Consider what buttons you would like to place on the QAT for easy access * Manipulate the location of the QAT and identify how it affects size of the work area of your screen Activity Questions: 1.Before you begin typing your answers to these questions, identify how many pages and words are currently in this document and note that information in the space provided directly below this question. 2. In the References tab, what commands are available in the Footnotes group? 3. In the Review tab, which groups have a dialog box launcher? 4. In the Font dialog box, how many Effects options are available? 5. What happens when you add the Quick Print option from the Customize Quick Access Toolbar options list to the QAT?

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