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Based on the task given we are required to do some research about the micro, macro and the internal environment of the local company in Malaysian. So we in the group of six people had done some research in MYDIN HOLDING BERHAD. Which is the company are founded by Mr. Gulam Hussein Jamal, father to Mr. Mydin until the world war two. After the incident of World War Two, Mydin Mohammed the second son of the Ghulam Hussein with his own efforts had added his own saving to save company and try so hard to save the business become successful in now days.In 1987, Mydin Mohammed had given the authority of the power in Mydin Company toward his second son. In the present, the Mydin Holding Berhad had been organized by Dato’ Ameer Ali Mydin, the second’s son to Mydin Mohammed. The company has been struggling for nearly five decades, before achieving success is in the present. The attractive thing made us to do some research toward the company it’s because the spirit of the Mydin family builds among the members. They never give up toward achieving the goals and never mixtures the personal matter and the company matters together.They always looking for the cash and profit that are followed the Syariah that teach in Islam. The micro, macro and internal environment of the company are very interesting to be known by the public. Especially the new comers, who are new in the business of wholesaling or any market scope in Malaysian. Such of the macro was social culture, political forces, economics, and technology. In the micro they are coming with other stakeholders, customers, competitors, suppliers and intermediaries . However, in the internal environment will come out with the production, research and development, marketing, financial, and personal.All of these types are bringing the new thing and good thing toward the company and the public for sure. In this end of the assignment you will be able to make some differ through all three element of environment in Malaysian and let knowing about the company. INTRODUCTION Mydin Holding Berhad, was been founded by Mr. Gulam Hussein Jamal in 1918 and being located in Penang before world war two and in 1957, one of his son was opened his first shop which was a small wooden shop named Syarikat Mydin Mohamed in Jalan Tok Hakim, Kota Bharu, Kelantan by selling toys & also general merchandise with his own hard-earned money.Only after twenty two years in 1979, Mr. Mydin expand his business to neighboring states, Terenganu. In the present, the Mydin group has more than hundreds and one stores including eights hypermakets and Mydin whosale emporium in some states in peninsular Malaysia. In 1987, the group is led by Mydin of Mydin Mohammed’s second son’s Dato’Ammer Ali Mydin. He holds a Master in International Business from Sonoma State University, California in 1981, and only joined the family business in 1987 Mydin after several years of services with the Arab Malaysian Merchant Bank under Tan Sri, Azman Hashim.Head quarter of Mydin in USJ SUBANG In the second phase since 1987, Mydin Groups has undergone rapid growth stage, after Dato’ Ameer Ali joined the group. If before, it only has two shops since the establishment in 1957 in Kota Bharu, since 1987, the groups have grown rapidly Mydin across the peninsula until now able to have more than 97 several stores including supermarket and emporiums, with a total sale value of more than RM 1. 6 billion years.Currently, Dato’ Ameer Ali Mydin is the managing directors of the Mydin Holding Berhad. Reference: http://www. mydin. com. my/mydin/about-mydin MACRO ENVIRONMENT OF MYDIN HOLDING Every company should take serious about the macro environment, if they want to be success in the business, this because it’s would affect the process of grow of the business itself. Macro environment could be define as the external and uncontrollable factors that influence an organization’s decision making, and affect its performance and strategies.These factors include the economic factors, demographics, legal, political and social conditions, technological changes and natural forces. In Mydin Company Holding, they are covered the certain factors in macro environment. Such of; ? Social culture: in Malaysia they are coming with many races and mix toward the religions and it’s clearly seen that the social cultures in Malaysia are being randomly choose by the Mydin Holding. They will celebrate all fest in Malaysia by giving the promotion and iscount by the product. ?Technology: now days the people will never been behind with the technologies, so do the Mydin. The process and the program in the Mydin itself are using the updated technologies. Such of the scanner that being use for scanning the product, the computer for key in data and updated the stock and the use some of the technologies equipments. Economics: after world war two Mydin Holding had struggle to hard to compete in archiving back the glory of the successfully. With the hard work of Mydin Mohammed , Mydin Holding had reach the goal and the mission of the company. Macro environment will affect the accomplishment in average profit of the company. Its show the macro environment was quite important in company to taking care.

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