Child Is His Own Creator

Then, what will be the role of adults ? It is such a miracle how a baby is created in a mothers womb. The knowledge which they have gained in their past births. Who thought them to cry to express their feeling of hunger or uneasiness. Child is his own creator for sure! Then what is the adult’s role ? There is a lot of potential hidden inside every child which sprouts out and grows well when given the right environment,right help or guidance.The first expectation of a child from an adult/ mother is LOVE. Love is a magical power which can turn a most toughest job into a cake walk. Love,patience and modesty and most importantly even though the child may be smaller than us we need to give him RESPECT as an individual human being,who has his own self esteem ,likes and dis- likes. An adult should first understand that child’s character is the mirror reflection of his parents character or of the people with whom they are growing.Whatever the child is gifted with in his inner potential, if he/ she does not get the right place/ environment to thrive and grow and if he gets exposed to the danger of all his capacities and potentials going of waste and even turning into negative way depending on the environment and the people with whom he is growing with. If the adult is having any bad habits,they should change themselves first. We will have to understand the value of giving and taking respect and love.Show love and respect to the child ,he intern will show the same to one and all and make us feel happy. Finally it’s all about the attitude which is more important than what he is going to learn academically. Children are precious gift from God and we need to make sure they grow in a safe and happy environment and what ever we give them during their developmental years will have nurture them and develop them into as lovable and respectable adults in the society.They learn a lot by looking at the adults so it’s our responsibility to make sure we project the right behavior and right attitude towards them. Allow the child to develop in his own pace as decided by mother nature and once he has the right attitude,right support and a right environment to grow and learn the child will develop into a lovable and respectable human being and with love,patience and perseverance he will win over anything and everything in this world.

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