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Step 1: Put the following steps in the order of a routine patient care flow, from the beginning through the end of the patient encounter. 1. Call in to schedule appointment 2. Signs in at reception desk 3. New patient paperwork is signed and returned to front desk with insurance for verification of benefits 4. Hard copy record is pulled or made if new patient 5. Patient pays standard co-pay if applicable 6. Patient called to back office 7. Reason for visit reviewed with patient by CNA, CMA, or NP 8.Height, weight, and blood pressure taken by CNA, CMA 9. Shown to patient care room 10. Height, weight, and blood pressure taken by CNA, CMA 11. Doctor, NP, or Physician’s Assistant examines patient 12. Patient released from exam room 13. Patient checks out and pays any deductible verified 14. Collection efforts initiated if patient’s charges not paid, and any insurance appeals are processed 15. Explanation of benefits returns with breakdown of payments 16. CSM 1500 forms coded and sent to insurance for reimbursement 17.Practice manager applies payments, writes off amounts required by contract with insurance companies, adjusts patient’s account records, and imitates billing to patient that indicates insurance has been processed charges 18. Any refunds due to patient or insurance sent out My medical office will be a comfortable place that patients don’t mind visiting. It will be functional and having the ability to accommodate many patients on a daily basis. My medical office will be a serene place patients’ will enjoy visiting.For that reason, office furnishings will be light colored oak wood or marble, the walls will be a calming baby blue; chairs will be individual seats of comfortable blue leather, for sanitation reasons and easier cleaning. The decorations, will be of bright colorful flowers on two walls, with lots of informational magazines, for all ages, genders, and cultures. The children’s corner will have a color block durable carpet area, small sturdy tables and chairs Large televisions on the walls in different areas will allow for patients to enjoy multiple programs and cartoon programs for children.The lighting will be of an incandescent nature for a hospitable feel. The lighting and color matter more in a medical office than in most other types of offices. Peter Weverka n. d. The area should provide coat hangers and storage for umbrellas and hats. Jon E Well, MBA Family Practice Management 2005 May: 14(5): 46-50 There will be six exam rooms and three procedure rooms. The size of my exam rooms will be 10 feet by 10 feet, having enough space to accommodate me, nurse, patient and at least one family member. The space would also be large enough if needed for wheelchair accessibility.The layout of the room should be flexible to meet changing needs, but all the exam rooms in the practice should be designed and stocked identically so that you or your staff do not waste time searching for supplies. Jon E Well, MBA Family Practice Management 2005 May: 14 (5): 46-50 Personnel that would be needed I will need 2 physicians, 3 physicians’ assistants, 2 nurse practitioners, 4 receptionists and schedulers, 3 coding personnel, 2 record clerks, 2 exit personnel, 1 pharmacist, 4 CNA/CMA personnel 2 collectors and a janitorial crew. I would have an open door policy for all employees with incentives for retention of staff.Have mandatory training monthly ensuring staffs are aware of updated policies and procedures from Federal, State, and Local agencies. PAI Award Program in place for outstanding commitment to the values of Professionalism, Accountability and Integrity. I will create a training system on protecting patient privacy. Staff trained and informed regarding HIPAA compliance. My policy will include reimbursement for education programs that are job related. Having a detailed and well developed Policy and Procedure Manual in place easily accessible to the medical office staff can strengthen the entire team.Demographics for my medical office is a general practice that includes Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Preventative care, Laboratory and Radiology. I will have the practice inner city, urban community, servicing all clientele from babies to seniors, males and females I will accept all insurance plans, like Medicare, Hip, Medicaid for public assistance. I will have a sliding scale fee for working and non-working patients. Unlike what’s going on in the world today I believe everyone deserves a wellness plan and affordable healthcare.I would need at least an Undergraduate Degree in Healthcare Management. Large practices with many physicians and multiple locations may desire a Master’s Degree such as an MBA or Master’s in Healthcare Administration. Andrea Santiago, Medical Office Manager- career Profile, www. healthcareers. about. com

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