Employbility Skills

Employbility skills Success is purely subjective. It can mean different things to different people. To some it might mean accumulation of enormous health, to others it could suggest recognition,good health and good family. Riches, recognition, good health. etc are universally accepted parameter of success. Any well accomplished task could be desribed as success. Whatever be the area of success,personality attributes that lead to it remains indentical. Strong motivation, mental toughness,positivity of outlook are indispensable qualities required by all piligrims of success.The Road to Success is always under construction. Your mind is like an acre of land. You have to care for it like a farmer does for better results. You have to sow it(with ideas),till it(with readings),fertilize it(with visits to counter parts),pesticide it(to prevent it from becoming inanimate)to get the best crop of results from it. Do you know 95% of the people have greater potential inthemselves than they realize? The great genius and qualities are hidden within them-is the fact well known to the experts. By nature, the brain is the supreme force that runs the activities of a man. But the man’s brain is not a unit.Instead the brain consists of approximately fortyone ‘faculties’ or brain areas such as perception( it is the medium through which your brain is stored with impressions), judgment, Reason, Memory,Imagination, Will ,Association, Habit, Constructiveness, Caution, Concentration and so on. But We fail to actively use all our faculties, that is the drawback in most of us. But in many cases, it is the lack of planning that makes all the differences. Planning involves thinkg ahead. Planning is working out the modalities of the future actions based on past experiences and data, and then forecasting their implications.A Successful person had rightly said “ If I had 8 hours to chop a tree,I would spend 6 hours sharpening my axe”. Its very true. You should think for yourself and act for yourself. You must be utterly and wholly self-reliant in thought and action. Put clearly in your mindthat you do not need to develope any new powers. You already have within you all the powers you need to win and hold real success. That is all you need to do to become the dominant, powerful and highly successful individual. All the great personalities of the world have started their work with small ideas.They became successful by consistently developing their ideas and working on them. Your success wholly depends on one thing- that is your state of mind. If you go about your work in a faint hearted(Suppose if I fail attitude)you will fanil sure enough,for you are invting failure. No success principle can overcome te negative state of mind. You must have aWILL to WIN before you really win. You should strive for excellence not for perfection. Success people are not ten times smarter than the people who fail. They may be better by a nose or smile but the rewards are ten times higher.We don’t need to improve 1000% in any one area. All we need to improve 1% in 1000 different areas, which is a lot easier. Success is not measured by how high we go up in life but by how many times we bounce back when we fall down. It is the bounce back ability that determines success. To get an idea out of your mind,you’ve first got to put facts in. Then in due course your mind will pay you interest on the facts in the form of ideas. This world is full of men who have woderful ideas for the other’s men’s businness, but not for their own. POSITIVE ATTITUDE Failure is the highway to success.For a positive thinker , it can be a stepping stone to success. To a negative thinker it can be a stumbling block. You must develop positive attitude for having positive ideas and positive thinking. People with positive attitude are very easy to recognize. They are caring, confident,patient and humble. They have high expectations of themselves and others. They aniticipate positive outcomes. A person with positive attitude is like a fruit of all seasons. He is always welcome. On the other side people with negative attitude have a hard time keeping friendships,jobs,marriage and relationships. (Who are ur best friends)Walt Disney faced many rejections for his cartoons before making mickey mouse. Thomas Alva Edison was partially deaf,had a little schooling,he at the age of 64 lost his factory which was worth a few million dol lars to fire. It was having very little insurance. Edison watched his life time effort go in smoke and said “there is great value in disaster. All our mistakes are burnt up. Thank God we can start anew” Inspite of disaster, three weeks later he invented the Phonograph. What an attitude! Do you know Thomas Edison failed approximately 10,000 times while he was working on the light bulb.Bethoven was told that he had no talent for music,but he gave some of the best music to the world. Bill Gates a collage drop out became richest man of the worldsetting up Microsoft. To solve any problem avoid general thinking. In solving you problem- no matter what it is – the first thing to do is to take a constructive view of your present condition. Look for the good in it instead of bad. Think of its strong points instead of weak points. The only way to get a spark orflash out of your mind is to think constructively. Your Attitude determines how you look at setbacks. We need to learn to become victors but not victims.Fear and dought short circuit the mind. Its all your way of thinking which makes you a positive or negative thinker. Without being too technical the brain may be decribed as being in two halves connected by a cable of nerve fibres. Each half deals with a different form of activity. The left side deals with the more scientific activities such as logic, reasoning, deduction, analysis. The right side deals with artistic activities such as music,imagination,colour,art. Problem analysis is a left sided activity but finding an appropriate solution can be a right sided activity.These two sides of the brain creates distinct thinking styles: Convergent and Divergent. Convergent thinking is always trying to narrow the focus down towards one solution. It is deductive thinking , logical and sequential. Divergent thinking is trying to break out,to diverge from an existing pattern. He is not bound to logic but can take conceptual leads to new standing points to consider problems from a different prospective. So for create your own oppurtnities start thinking creatively. Strench your mind beyond routine. How to influence everyone you meet? Broadly speaking , all human beings fall naturally in to three distinct types.Type 1: The Think man Type2: The Act man Type3: The Feel man You want to be sure that no matter what type of man you have to deal with,you will know exactly how to handle him to get to him. Type 1 man is usally indicated by a large head,particulary forehead and slim body. This man lives a mental life. He is interested mainlaily in though and ideas on anything and everything. Be careful what statements you make to a man of this type as he sees in to them and through them quickly. He is quick, impatient of details, and want things to be explained to him and done for him quickly.It is said that an average Indian is agreat thinker ans planner but not a good implementor. Every Indian thinks and makes plan in the night but forgets to implement in the day. This way he keeps on thinking but fails in implementing. Type 2 : This type of man is indicated by a well developed bony and muscular frame. When you meet a man of this type you instinctively feel that he has physical strength. As his bones and muscles are the most prominent part of his organism,it follws that he is most interested in action. It is said that westners are good implementers. Whatsoever they plan and think the implement the same.You have seen yourself how daring the Americans are when it comes to controlling different countries of the world. Yet there are failures also but with the help of humans and technology they are able to win battles and even wars. Type 3: The most noticeable of this type is roundness of body. Men of this type have well fed look. There are strong on feelings. They are sensitive and have rich emotional qualities. You can generally rely on this type of man. We in Asia are people who are deeply dominated by strong feelings. Inadians are basically feel type people. Remove Fear from your Mind:Fear is said to be the man’s greatest enemy. There is fear to meet people,fear to face events,fear of timidity. Courage is the indispensable weapon in your fight for success. Feel at ease under all conditions. Basically this embrassment all comes about from a feeling of infeiorty on our part. We think or feel sure that the person we are to face is so greatly superior to us,in one or more ways, that we seriously dougth our ability to meet him on an eaual footing and to hold our own. Always remember that the other man probably knows much less than you know. This will give you the right start.We must always try to get maximum output from our brain. That is why they are capable of super human achievements. The intensity of intellectual power increases with age. Find oppurtunities through people you know,Knowing the right sort of people is one of the biggest asset you have. Develope your own skills to handle your job. Bear in your mind that you have been paid for your skill in doing certain work and skill comes largely from experience. An old axiom reads somethings like this ‘ always associcate with people who know more than you” Broadly speaking anyone’s success is determined by two things 1. His ability to get 2.His ability to hold. There are hundreds of great men who owed their success to books. The study of good books is one of finest aids to attain success in life. As long as you keep your mind open and continuously add to your store houseof information, ther is no limit to your success. All the world loves a winner. The one and only thing you have to win success is with your mind. For your mind to function at its highest capacity, you have got to be charged with good cheer and optimism. Always you should be in optimistic frame of mind. There are men who always look on negative or failure side of everything.Test all your points from the standpoint of whether they are positive minded or negative minded. Whether majority of their comments are depressive or constriutive. Get close to the men who is regularly positive and constructive. It’ll develop tremendous personal power in you. Learn the secret of controlling other people. Ultimately you have to equip you self in such a way that you can control the other people around you. There are no of methods for controlling other people few ones are Control others by persuasion and stratergy Control others by mental domination Control others by physchic forceSafeguard yourself against the control of others.. If you have any doughts drive them out of your brain instantly. Carefully hide the fact that you are dominating your man. Approach him and handle him in an apparently easy going manner. Cultivate the habit of speaking with determination and authority. In getting anything done, the hardest thing is to start. Probably, more men fail through their inability to start than through inability to finish. That is why initiative brings such big reward. Be pro-active in your action and deeds because predominating success quality is- Initiative.Power of Positive thinking Positive thinking has changed thousand of lives for better. The great experts and scholars throughout history. The power of positive doing builds upon the foundationof positive thinking and positive talking. You will achive ay success you desire if you are willing to do the work out here by step by step approach to positive doing. Power of poaitive doing offers you tools in a number of areas inner importance,honesty,negative blocakes,goal setting,your mind watch,anger,love,interaction,self talk and giving. You can change your lifethrough these tools step by step.What you’ll become the choices you make from now on. Your choices will decide your destiny. By getting committed to have a positive outlook,we can become the most fulfilled,happy, strong willed, mission minded people in the history of our planet. Your Today is the result of choices you have made in the past. The winner always has aplan. The losser always has an excuse. What an amazing person you are – do u realize it or not? Live life on your own conditions. You should set your own goals and strive to achieve those. Go beyond postitive thinking by controlling your mind switch.Better Human Relationships Inter personal skills Human Relations are very important. Learn to handle people. Aviod criticizing people. Dont condemn people Don’t complain against people. Give your sincere and honest appreciation to people who deserve it. Make a good first impression – smile, smile and smile. Call people by their first name Be a good lister of people’s viewpoints. Keep other person’s interst in mind while talking. Make the other person feel important. Don’t attempt to win an argument. Never say to other person: ‘you are wrong’ If you are wrong, admit it.Begin your talk in a friendly way. Try to see things from other person’s point of view. Deal with your conflicts effectively. Human Relations(Inter Personal Skills) is an ability of a person to deal with people. How effectively you are able to interact with people around youdetermines the strength of human relations in your personality. Such great is the importance of human relations in our day to day life.. 10 things Keep your tongue under your control and watch your body language. Be cheerful. Worries, pains and disappointments do not let them wipe of your smile. Discuss but do not argue. Do not talk about others demerits unless necessary. Treat everybody with importance and never laugh at other’s expense. We are only half awake. The great aim of education is not knowledge but action. Therefore with the better use of your education you must develop better human relations and for that you have to use your knowledge for becoming action oriend. Be caution with praise, caution and critisim.. Be considerate with the feelings of others. There are usually three sides to a controversy,yours, the other person’s and the right side. Add to this good sense of humour.You must become diplomatic and tactful in handling people without condemning them. Benjamin Franklin was tactless in his youth, but later became so diplomatic and adept at handling people that he was made American Ambassdar to France. The Secret of his success was in his determination and he said – I’ll speak ill of no man and speak all the good I know of everybody. A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats a little man. Many problems occurs while handling human relations. What wrong with having problems? The only people who have no problems are in cemeteries.Problems are a sign of live. So be glad you have got them. It means you are alive. The more problems you have, the more alive you are. A wife requested or asked her husband to tell her sixthings she should change in her personality. The husband told’I shall think over and tell you tomorrow”In the morning he sent her six roses with a note saying’ I cant think of six things I would like to change about you. i love you the way you are”. Next evening when the husband arrives from his office, who do you think greeted him at the door? that’s right. The wife! She was in tears.Needless to say, the husband been extremely glad for he had not critized her as she had requested. So wonderful is the power of appreciation because self esteem of the people is nourished by this. We should not only nourish the bodies of our children, friends and employees but also their self esteem. People are so hungry n so thirsty for appreciation. Buit we must avoid flattery. Flattery is counterfeit. Like counterfeit money, it’ll eventually get you in to problems if you pass it to someone else. One comes from the heart out, other from the teeth out. Don’t be afraid of enemies who attack you.Be afraid of friends who flatter you. Give honest and sincere appreciation. People will cherish your words and treasure them and repeat them over a life time, repeat them years after you have forgotten them. Smile it costs nothing, but creates much. It happens in a flash and the memory of it lasts forever. Never explain your troubles with anyone. No one is interested in wasteing their time to hear your troubles. Pen is mightier than sword. Smile big a big smile gives you confidence. If youa re in India, call elders by adding a respectable word like shri, sir ,doctor, colonel etc.But when addressing the people younger to you, call them by their first name like Mr. rohan.. You must encourage others to talk about themselves. This is an easy way to become a good conversationist. If you are a good listener, you must first understand other person’s viewpoints. Then that person may be asked to understand your view points by listening to you. A famous journalist Issac Marcosson who interviewed hundreds of celebrities declared that many people fail to make a favorable impression, because they don’t listen attentively. One of the great listeners of modern times was Sigmund freud.Infosys Mentor Chiarman Narayanamurthy possesses this wonderful qualities of good listener. He would listen to his workers, employees and executives very patiently without interrupting them in between. After listening them carefully he’ll give his mind in one or two sentences at the end. That is the reason he could develop a band of very sincere people who could lead his organization to the top of information technology. You should be an attentive listener by encouraging others to talk about themselves. You must show respect to other person’s opinion.You should never say ‘you are wrong’ you should be diplomatic and tactful. You should judge people by their own princles not by your own. Read Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography –one of the most fascinating life stories ever written. This ia an excellent readingmaterial suggesting you about delaing with people and manging yourself and improving your personality. Socrates said repeatedly to his followers in Athens- One thing only I know, and that is that I know nothing’ While talking with people don’t begin by discussing the things on which you differ .The profession interview committee members will not speak much in the beginning and let you do maximum of talking,because they are experts of subject area and they want to extract maximum information from you. By this way, they areable to understand the depth of your knowledge. Other people may be wrong. But they don’t think so. dont condemn them. Any fool can do that. Try to understand them. Only wise, tolerant, exceptional people will try to do that. There is a reason why the other man thinks and acts as he does. Search pout that reason and you have the key to his actions perhaps to his personality.If you ask to yourself” How would I feel and how would I react if I were in his shoes? ,you’ll sharply increase you skills in human relations. Cover your resuem with an impressive letter. Communication Skills Once you open your mouth and start talking, your listener begins to dissect you; analyzing, categoring, characterizing and judging. Yournsucess depends to a great extent on your communication skills and competencies. Communication is described as the process of exchanging ideas and thoughts with other people. Communication may be verbal, written, indications and directions.There mya be formal or informal communications. Communication is called formal when we communicate our ideas in office like formal situations. But in family, frieds’s circle and informal gatherings we may be communicatuing in informal manner. That is, you generally communicate without any formality in your family and with ypur friends. You must be knowing both types of communications to be an effective communicator. You must remember that communication is an art which can be learned by understanding and then practicing it on a continuous basis. Communication is very essential part of man’s personality.If you acquire the art of communicating effectively, You can achieve success very fast. They may not be able to express themselves in a nice, impressive and well composed manner, such bad communicators may not be successful in life. They have to make continueous efforts in improving their style of communication. Bad communicators may face difficulties in getting selected for various jobs and later performing those jobs. This is because they cant express themselves well during their job interviews and can not interact well with others in their organizations.Even in their day to day life they face hurdles and difficulties in expressing their ideas clearly and convincingly to others. They lack self confidence. For becoming an effective communicator, one has to be a very good listener. Unless we understand others viewpoints fully, we wpould not be able to react to them correctly and convincingly. Words once uttered can not be taken back. So one must weigh his words before speaking. Non verbal communication is the process ofsending or receiving wordless messages by means of facial expressions, gaze, gestures, postures and tones of voice.Also included grroming habits,body positioning in space. 94% of our communication is nonverbal. Areas of Nonverbal communication: Eye contact Facial expressions GEsturtes, Postures or body orientations Proximity Paralinguistics Humour Eye contact is an important channel of interpersonal communication helps regulate the flow of communicationFurthru more ey ocntatc with the audience increases speaker’s credibility. People who make ey contact open the flow of communication and convey interest and concern. Facial expressions Smiling is a powerful cue that transmitsIf you fail to make gestures while speaking, you may be perceived as boring, stiff and unanimated. Prefer Head nods. Proximity: U should avoid leg swinging. Paralinguistics. The facet of nonverbal communication includes such vocal elements as Tone,pitch,rhythm,timbre,loudness,inflection. For maximum speaking effectiveness learn to vary these elements of your voice. One of the major critisims of speakers who speaks in monotone. Listners perceive these speakers are boring and dull. To improce your non verbal skills, record your speech on video tape, and ask your friends to suggest refinements.Listening Skills It has been observed that in general, people are not good listeners. They are in the habit of speaking in between while others are putting forth their ideas and viewpoints. Listening is very important factor in winning friends and influencing people. It is said by Dale Carnegie in his bestseller book” How to win friends and influence people”. Such a wonderful book has not been written so far world over on the subject of human relations. So listening which has been ignored by many of us, is a great quality of effective communication. Practise your listening skillsListening is an art, a skill, a discipline and like other skills it needs self control. Hearing becomes listening only when when you pay attension to what is said and follow it very closely. Your demonstrate your listening by your body language, making ey contact, nodsof your head, leaning towards the speaker. Listen without interrupting. Learn writing skills It will breifly explain how to target your writing structure an outline and write your piece effectively. Your style of writing should be completely focused on the reader’s needs. Language used should be pitched at the appropriate level for the reader.Learn Phone skills Cut down the length of time on phone. When making an outgoing call. Always know whatyou want to discuss. Busy people often prefer a clean cut, direct approach with a bare minimum of social chat. Others may prefer a more social approach. You should tailor your approach for their style. Ifyou don’t know an answer say so. At the end of the call summarise the points made,dpont talk to anyone else when on the phone. Making phone calls: Don’t make a call very early or very late Taking incoming calls: The phone should not ring more than three times before being answered.This is the norm for efficient business organizations. You’ll appear seriously slack and unprofessional if your phone rings more than three times. If you pick up a phone that has rung many times, then apologise to the other person. Everyone should have responsibility for answering phones. Dont attend or answer the phone while eating. Always ring back, there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for an important call that is not returned for many hours. Many of these points are simple courtesies. Comunications principle of Law: You cant go to afuneral of someone with ared shirt and bright tie on.Similarly when going for an interview you must dress up in a whit shirt and blue tie. But when you got to your office you must have routine dress up as per your office dress code. When you go for a social function, you must dress up in a fancy manner. Actions speaks louder than words. Our body labguage, non verbal gestures, mannerism and walking style do a lot of talking for us. Learn from the stories of great communicators like Fiedel Castro, former president of cuba, who use to speak continous ly for more than 5 hours and millions of people used to be enthralled. His speeches were regarded as the greatest shows on the earth.Be audience friendly You should keep your speech as per the kiss principle, which mean keep it short and simple Have humour at work Indians are said to be very serious as race. Of late, it is even said that Indians have forgotten to laugh. Look around and you will see with funny things. Laughter clubs are sprouting up everywhere. Corporate office are using humour to good effect at workplace. Some offices put up softboards for the staff to pin “jokes of the day” Beacusehumour breaks hierarchical barriers and builds rapport between employees. When there is a college atmosphere people look forward to coming to work.It enhances their overall performance and helps in managing stress. The act of laughing excercises 786 muscles in the body. Laguther improves the level of endorphins, which are natural pain killers for the body. Increase of blood supplt nourishes the facil skin and makes it glow.. Laughter strengthens immune system. It helps in incresign white cells and raise antibody levels. You should analyse the communication styles of people around you. After cafeful analysis you must communicate with them as per their attitudes, characterstics, and styles. This way you can make yourself more acceptable to different types of communicators.Effective Presentations: A Presentation is also defined as a form of communication of your ideas and thoguths to others. First of all try to understand your audience to whom you are going to make a presentation. Remember delivery and content are of equal importance in making an effective presentation. You as a presenter should not just transmit the facts to the listener you should make the audience to buy your product. Many speakers with a fine technical grasp of their subject fail to make that apparent by presenting it badly. You must learn the presentation skills before making a presentation.You need to look at how information is absorbed within the presentation. The audience concentration begins to wander and distractions creep in. Try to engage the whole mind of the audience by asking few question. Steps to prepare your presentation well What is your message: You must write down the main points that you want to present. Write down the key points and then put them down in alogical sequence. Use brain storming to generate ideas if necessary. Who are your audience: Generally speakers make a mistake that they forget to direct their message towards their audience.While understanding who your audience is, you must answer the questions like whether the audience knows about the subject, what are their expectations from your presentation? What do you expect from them? Answers to these questions must clarify the purpose of your presentation and set the tone for your preparatory work. Plan the structure for your presentation: This step takes care of aspects –when, where and how. Plan clearly a beginning, a middle and an end of your presentation. You must break your presentation in to small parts so that you don’t speak out the whole thing at once.In the beginning part you must plan to start your presentation with a clear statement of purpose. Introduce yourself and objective of your presentation. In the middle you, you must be sure that the main part of your presentation is both concise and logical. Please put the key points in a logical order and only include facts which are logical to those points. The audience need to be clear when you have finished one and are moving on to another. In the end, be ready to give a summary of your presentation. The summary must be even better planned than the rest of the presentation because it is more likely to be listened to than your main part.Re emphasis of key points. Plan your visual aids carefully and systematically: If you use visual aids, these can enhance the effectiveness of your message several folds, on the other hand, they can also draw attention away from it, so plan them carefully. The purpose of visual aids is to underline and not to obscure. If you audience leaves remembering the visual aids but not the message, then you have not planned them effectively. So becareful while you are making use of visual aids in your presentation. How to use visual aids? By all means give hangouts but not until the end of your presentation.Otherwise the audience will read them instead of listening to you. Transfer your talk to notes. Check the spot and room of presentation: Check the venue, the room, visual aids, layout of chairs ad tables, before you make the presentation. Make sure that everyone can see. That table layout is appropriate for the level of audience participating in the presentation. How to deliver your Presentation: You as a presenter must play your part as an actor and actually perform for the audience , but at the end the audience must leave with the message you wanted to convey them.Your presentation should not be monotones, you must make the best use of your eyes, voice, hands, feet and your body as a whole along with your mouth while making an effective presentation. Yawning,shuffling,frowning and grimacing of the audience are all signs to an alert presenter. An eye contact with the audience give a personal touch during the presentation. This spreads your eye contact around in the audience. Remember voice is a very delicate instrument, you must use your voice to the extent of its performance.Vary pace and volume of your voice to make your delivery more interesting. Have you noticed carefully the TV newscaster, how he or she varies the voice, movement of head, mouth and hands while presenting the news. You must use similar technique to make your presentation really impressive. Dont’s for effective presentation: Don’t rattle the loose change in your pocket, dont smoke, or chew paan or chewing gum while making your presentation. stop for a while if an aero plane, car or a noisy train passes by during your presentation. Don’t make offensive jokes during your presentation.In today’s highly competitive work scenario, the ability to present your ideas coherently in a manner that can instantly win you friends and influence your enemies. It is best to report at the presentation venue at least half an hour in advance of the schedule in order to check out that all the equipment is in working order. You must meet the people you are going to address and build a good rapport with them. Check list for Right presentation: Be clear in your opening statement Always make an eye contact with the audience Your posture should reflect confidence. Keep your hands freeYour speech should be free from verbalties Do pause at appropriate places Involve the audience in your speech Remember delivery and contents are of equal importance Plan the structure of your presentation as the beginning, middle and the end. Plan your visual aids with utmost care. Prepare well for interviews Primarily, an interview is a technical and behavioral test of prospective candidate. Importtant tips to breeze through your interview: Search for the organisation’s area of interrst, products, technologies and competereiors throguly. The easiest way you can gain this information is by visiting their website.Read the organization’s latest annual reports. The more informed you are the better you‘ll be able to understand. Interpersonal skills can make or break your selection chances. Do not treat the interviw as an interrogation. Feel free to cross interview the recruiter. ask intelligent and job related questions Mind your body language: recruiters closely monitor the body language of the prospective candidates. Facial expressions and body movements can give away a great deal, be confident and maintain eye contact while speaking. Also carry multiple copies of testimonials ans resumes to the interview. Be smart abour money questions.Say that you expect to be paid a fair salry in accordance with the industry standards. At an interview you are hard selling your skills and personality. So listen carefully and think for a few secens before you start answering the question. This ’ll show that you are organizing your thoughts in mind before starting to speak. No guessing or speculations: if you are not sure about something say with humility and confidence. i don’t know this Even if you have committed mistake in the beginning don’t think that you have already lost the game. They are looking for warm, sensitive, respectful and attentive youngsters and not a quiz master.Talk humbly abour your achievements and hobbies. Resume writing Cover your resume with an impressive letter An effective covering letter plays vital role in getting you a good job. You have sen toyur beautiful resume to the hr person of a reputed company. Do u expect him to go through it? If you do, you’ll be disappointed. how is it relavent to him, he might just dump it somewhere. You can still make him read your resume just by wrting an introduction. That’s where the role of this letter and make it clear that youa r elooking for ajob in that organization. Highlight your skills ans sterneghts. ell him how you might be an asses to his company if given a chance and appointed. Mention the post which you have applied for and how you have come to know about the job opening in that organization. Incase if you are enquiring for a particular job which has not been advertised, indicate your interst both n the post and organization. It is always good to give a reason as to why you are interested in this organization or for that particular job. Concentrate ons terssing that how you can add value to the organization. Finally the conclusion paragraph, mention that have enclosed your resume.Express your eagerness to meet him to know more about the position and organization. You can give your contact address, phone no, and email address here. Towards the end don’t forget to thank him for going through your covering letter and resume. Prepare yourself well so that you can give 5 minute talk fluently. Always paly down the money factor and highlight on additional responsibilities that youa re willing to take up. The way you dress for your interview can convey many non verbal signals. Your dress reflects more about your personality.Take care that your clothes are well pressed and show shining with polish. Nobody can be degraded except by his own actions. Your dress can make or break your chances of success. Your success depends upon the effectiveness of your communication and presentation skills. Be aware of non verbal communication and its significance. It includes your grooming habits, body positioning in space. Remember that your verbal communication contributes only 33% and the remaining 67% is all about listening. Effective writing, telephoning and e mailing skills are also required to be learnt well.You must leant the four principles of communications. viz principle of law, being audience friendly, being polite and polished and being humorous. Presentation is also a form of communication of your ideas and thoughts to others. Be clear in your opening statement, always make eye contact with the audience, reflect confidence in speech and posture, plan well with the use of visual aids. A little thought about the way you carry out an interview and development of some skills can transform your interviews from problems in to opportunities. [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]

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