Grendel Narrative

I will begin my story from the point of my arrival in Denmark when my initial engagement takes place: I began my terror long ago when I sat in the darkness yelling and growling in pain of the happiness and joyousness coming from Hrothgar and his men yet, they still challenge me, after seven years they still celebrate and boast and laugh with their music. I, Grendel, through my great strength and immunity from the weapons of humanity, vow to plague the mead hall.I stayed in the darkness consumed with impatience, bitterness, and jealousy of listening to loud, joyous music coming from the hall; songs of rejoice make my hands scratch and claw at the top of my head. The king of Denmark shall flee in terror as my wrath is cast upon the people of the mead hall. After the laughter and the celebration were finished that night I came out of hiding from the marsh hidden in the darkness.I attacked from the front of the hall, destroying all in my path and devouring all those who stand in my way. The pathetic humans tried without success to prevent my massacre. Their weapons are primitive, worthless against my flesh. I hurled myself towards the crowds, devouring the humans who stood in my way. I hold my brutal and violent acts, those of jealousy and envy; just as the acts of my descendant Cain, in the highest regard as a force of sheer and utter destruction. I will prevail, of this I am sure.I have been recently made aware of a hero from Geatland bound and determined to undermine my wondrous power. What a ridiculous human, if an attempt is made I will soon and assuredly dine over his bones. Meanwhile, I will leisurely terrorize this hall and proclaim these grounds as my own. Still after seven years of living of me in fear the men still brag and boast and celebrate. Have they not realized that these joyous occasions fill me with envy and jealousy and spark the beginning of my attacks?So after the laughter and the celebration were finished that night, out of the marsh, hidden in darkness, I, Grendel, began my tirade on the meadhall, where I had first shown my wrath of terror on his men in spite of their joyousness and celebrations. I had come to the meadhall to kill or trap anyone that I possibly could. My goal that night was to take anything I could and give nothing back, even if it meant taking their lives and showing no mercy to anyone. This night was cloudy, but I could still move quickly and swiftly through it all.As the night grew longer I grew closer and closer the gold-shining hall doors. I knew of how to get there so quickly and quietly because I had been in this place before seven years ago, when I attacked Hrothgar and his men. Once I journeyed to the place I had completely snapped it open off its iron hinges and I passed over the threshold of the doorway and when I entered I suddenly stopped when I saw the warriors sleeping together. As I saw this I laughed to myself as I thought that taking the lives of these people and could not wait to tear these useless and weak humans apart.

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