Health and Social Care

This assignment will describe how legislation, policies and procedures are used to promote the safety of individuals in a health and social care setting. Data protection act 1998 By holding data of the students and the staff at Portland College, this act is very important to keeping the individuals’ information safe and secure. At Portland College there are many ways in which the college have their student’s details, such as written on paper, stored on databases on the computer and also in records, by backing up computers and having passwords which only a few people in the college can access they are keeping the data they hold safe.Keeping paper records in safe places which are locked at all times, unless they are needed in emergencies such as hospital trips and for anything other important times, Portland College take legislation, policies and procedures very serious and do all they can to make sure the information they hold is kept safe and secure from anybody that it does not concern. Manual Handling Policy Portland College is a vibrant national college for people with a wide range of disabilities. ” http://www. portland. ac. uk/about-portland-college [19th July 2013] The manual handling policy is in place to enable the safety of the students, the staff and the public, by having the policy in place it makes rules and procedures to follow if these were not followed at Portland College many of the service users and residents would be at great risk.Portland College have many students that are wheelchair bound and need help and support with daily activities, such as using the toilet, feeding and physiotherapy, “Physiotherapy is a type of therapy that can help ill, injured or disabled people recover movement and function to their full potential”http://www. nhs. uk/Conditions/Physiotherapy/Pages/Introduction. aspx

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