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Last August 4, 2013 there were two reporters, Ms. Jacob & Ms. Bicay. Our first topic was the principles of administration & supervision. For me school administration and supervision are intimately related. The school cannot perform its maximum role in the development of the individual in its attendance if schools are not effectively managed. That is why we have these two department.Administration is said to be about planning, directing, organizing and controlling human material or resources in an educational setting. So we can say that administration is about the integration of school personnel like the members of the staff, the students and their parents and of utilising appropriate materials, like the school plant, school property, etc. , in such a way as to promote effectively the development of human qualities.. It is concerned with the growth of the pupils and the school personnel.It also represents the whole of the education system, emphasizes authority and decides, direct and orders the execution of educational programs. If the administrator shows concern in the motivation of teachers to stabilize their career pattern in schoolwork, the rapid turnover of the individual teacher can be obtained. However, if the administrator fails to provide a wholesome working condition and develop “know-how” of self satisfaction in teachers, there is a low morale in the teaching staff. For me supervision has several meanings.People interpret its meaning according to their “past experiences, their needs and purposes Super-vision for supervisor is a “positive force for programme improvement, for a teacher it is either a threat to his individuality or an assistance and support to his profession. Teacher’s feelings about supervision differ because of various ways in which supervisions have interpreted their role. Commonly the term supervision means “to superintendent or to guide and to stimulate the activities of others with a view to their improvement. In education, supervision carries the same general concept, but is usually applied to the activities of teaching the supervision of instruction. Instruction implies that “there are persons to be educated, teachers to carry on education and there arc materials and methods by which education may be accomplished. ” Since society maintains schools in order that youth maybe educated for participation in the society, the educational organization organizes supervision to maintain, change and improve the provision and actualization of learning opportunities for students.We can also say that supervision is the responsibility of many staff members. For some, it is an element incidental to their principal function. For others, it is a major responsibility occupying most of their time. Teachers supervise students in their physical education classes. Playground supervisors oversee the activities of an entire area. Supervisors of student teachers spend most of their time visiting them at their teaching sites and consulting with them about their work and their problems. College presidents, academic deans, superintendents of schools, principals, and department chairpersons have supervisory responsibilities.Directors of physical education and department chairpersons have supervisory responsibilities. Directors of physical education and athletics work with their staff members to improve the quality of education. Coaches, choir directors, news paper advisors, and dramatics teachers supervise their students while they are practicing, travelling, and performing Therefore we can say that supervision and administration are the two combined functions which are mostly blended in one. Administration means performance of certain routine duties in connection with finance, discipline, correspondence etc.By supervision it is meant the overseeing the work done by the teaching staff. Supervision is improving the total teaching learning situation. This situation is no more “detection or fault finding. ” Rhea Tafalla-Cuzon Administration & Supervision Mr. Rey Balibago MAED August 17, 2013 TESDA, CHED & DepEd Organizational Structure The next topic during our discussion was the Organizational structure of TESDA, CHED and DepEd. Seeing the structural chart of these 3 agencies makes me think that there are too many rooms for corruption. Of course, each head of these organizations cannot control all the action or decision made by his mployees. There is no doubt that there is corruption in our educational. According to some criticism, DepEd moved down in the list of most corrupt government agencies, then TESDA,was recently alledged with publicized book publication scam and we have CHED where corruption is “moderate” since its budget is minuscule. We can also say that corruption has also invaded the sector of private schools wherein some known to pay for permits to open new programs It is about time we looked at the kind of corruption or evil, no matter how small, that stunts the development of quality education in our country.For example, you can go to Recto Avenue and get yourself a diploma and a transcript from any university in the country. Of course, if that university were ever asked if you graduated from it, you would be found out, but meanwhile, since academic and industry bureaucracies are often as bad as government bureaucracies, you can teach or work for quite a bit of time before anyone finds out that you misspent your youth. How do we help solve this problem? All we need to do is to have a database of graduates from all our schools. Even with a simple laptop, that is very easy to do.All we need is someone to encode the full names of graduates, with their dates of birth and some kind of identification card number (here’s an argument for a national ID number, similar to the American social security number), with the name of the school, the year, and the degree earned. That will enable anyone to just check if you indeed finished from Boracay University even if you have never been on a boat. DepEd and CHED should get some funding (very minimal, because we need only one very fast typist and one very patient clerk, the latter to search all school lists of graduates) to get this database done.Corruption in education starts with the teacher. But of course not all teachers are like this. Since a teacher has absolute power as far as the grade of a student is concerned, the temptation to be corrupt is great. This is a small but significant example of how absolute power corrupts absolutely. But again, we should not lose hope to our government and educational system, after all President Aquino promised a lot of improvement in that field. We, as citizen should also join the force of promoting a better system for our future generation.Like we could join and participate in some non government organization that supports children in attending to school. Give donation for scholars and even teaming up with our barangay in free teaching campaign, like what we have in Paranaque. Wherein, during summer there are youth volunteers who gathers all the children in our community, ages 4 to 10, in a small church (kubol) then they will teach some bible verses and proper manners to these young minds. Again, all in all, if we unite and have one goal we can achieve a milestone development for our country but we must put aside or fight first the big hindrance to success which is corruption.

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