History of the Marketing of Maple Syrup Products

History of the marketing of maple syrup products As far back as 1958, the maple syrup producers of the Beauce region (south of Quebec City) implemented a joint plan for the organization of the marketing of maple syrup products. This joint plan was later replaced by its provincial equivalent. In 1989, the Regie des marches agricoles oversaw a referendum held to vote on the provincial joint plan for maple syrup producers and noted that the majority of producers targeted by the referendum exercised their right of vote, and that two thirds of those who voted were in support of the plan.As such, in 1990, it approved the Quebec maple syrup producers’ joint plan and subsequently brought it into force. Between 1990 and 2000, the successive increases in production could be explained by: * Productivity increases at tap hole due to new production methods; * Increase in the number of tap holes in already harvested groves and  * Development of new groves on private and public lands. During this period, revenue from maple syrup production became very unstable in response to the levels of annual surpluses in production.In 2002, after a round of consultations conducted across the province of Quebec, maple syrup producers agreed to adopt a regulating body – a sales agency – which would centralize all sale of bulk maple syrup, and negotiate with buyers the conditions governing its marketing (price, quality inspection, etc. ). In 2003, following yet another round of consultation with maple syrup producers, a quota system was adopted in order to resolve the issue of surplus production.The quotas were later modified in 2004 and 2005. In 2005, sales exceeded maple syrup production, and thus reduced accumulated inventory by more than 15%. In 2006, thanks to initiatives aimed at reducing production (production holidays), and high promotional activity, sales once again surpassed production. Inventory was reduced by more than 21%. Note that sales made directly to consumers, at the farm, are excluded from the quota restrictions.

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