If Everyone Spoke One Language

If everyone spoke one language, would it lead to better international relations? There is a strong social division between people who believe that it would be better to have one single language all over the world and other who defend that diversification of languages is not an obstacle to have good international relations. However, it is a waste of time to discuss about which option would be the most efficient because the first opinion is very improbable to happen.On the one hand, advocates of one single language claim that if everyone spoke English, for example, people would not have problems in communication and it would be easier to talk with foreign citizens. Moreover, they add that we would not have to learn other languages. On the other hand, the more realistic among us state that it is impossible to remove all the languages in order to have one because they are a symbol of national identity and we cannot forget our culture.In addition, they also explain that each region needs its language because there are specific necessities in vocabulary, grammar, etc, depending on the place and the people. In my opinion, having considered both sides of the argument, I strongly believe that languages are not an obstacle in order to have fluid relations between countries. International problems do not lie on languages; therefore it is a big mistake to blame them. In addition it would be impossible to have a single language due to the strong importance of culture on them. Alba

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