Illegal Street Racing

Racing is a sport where gearheads build and modify cars and race against each other for fun, bragging rights, money, or even bet their own cars for pinks. But most of it happens on the street. Imagine you’re driving in a fully built LS1 Camaro with twin 67mm turbos, 200 shot nitrous pushing over 1000hp to the wheels. You pull up to the line waiting on your opponent. Seconds later a built 5. 0 mustang pulls up next to you ready to race and we all know mustang owners think they are all cool with their overhead cam engines and 20 thousand timing chains.Each revs their engines trying to intimidate each other. Only seconds later the flag drops and you and the mustang blast off the line racing a quarter mile to the finish where the winner will be victorious. However blinded by the passion to win, you fail to realize a car on your right pulling out of a parking lot. Before you have a chance to even think about what to do next, the once dark night is lit up by a magnificent explosion and your life as you knew it was put to an abrupt halt.Who can resist racing another car on the street, especially when you know your car is up for the challenge. If you’ve ever been called up to the challenge you know what I mean, and most likely you would not back down. Street racing is a rising problem amongst teenagers and young adults alike. As much as the government may attempt to control illegal street racing, it is mainly up to you to participate in them to do so legally.Today I will attempt to change your view and/or shed some light on illegal street racing, by explaining the crime, the results, and how it can be done safely and legally with different organized street racing groups. During these street races, innocent bystanders become victims of illegal street racing. According to evostreetracing. org 58% of the fatalities range from ages 15-29 and it is believed that both ages “unborn children to 14” age groups and “15 to 29”age groups would increase substantially. But death is not the only punishment to worry about when racing on the treet. According to evostreetracing. org many laws are taking effect to prevent future fatalities such simple things as getting your car impounded to a ticket for reckless driving, manslaughter, very expensive impound fees to get your car back, ticket for speeding, ticket for endangering the public, ticket for exhibition of speed, possible jail time, and your license could be taken away. There’s no room for error on the drag strip let alone on a public street, where unexpected traffic, uneven roads and inexperienced drivers, some as young as 16, form a deadly combination.Therefore a slight mistake on one side can mean disaster from many sides. Although public street racing may be illegal and dangerous there are programs available for individuals with the passion to race but with the brains to do so safely without harming themselves or others. Such as Thunder Valley Raceway in OKC and Tulsa Raceway Park make it possible for drivers to race in a controlled environment under a closed supervision and keep the death toll of the public to a minimum.Owners of these tracks realize the dangers of racing on the street and they make an effort to reduce racing on the streets by allowing anyone to bring their own cars to the tracks on weekend events such as midnight drags. These opportunities are a good way for people to race in a controlled environment and not go to jail. Yeah it may cost money to go to the track but compared to getting a 5 or 600 hundred dollar ticket for reckless driving or meeting bubba in a jail cell is a definite mind changer.So the next time someone asks you if you’re up for the challenge to race another driver remember that what you are about to engage in is now only illegal but it is also dangerous and you may not only take your life but the life of another stranger. So do everyone a favor and take your need for speed to a proper track. The life you might save by choosing not to street race might be your own. If you want to race, the street is not the place. Or if you feel the need for speed, you could also play Need for Speed Most Wanted on your Xbox.

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