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Case Study: MTV Network: The Arabian Challenge Miguel Iglesias PID: 3966924 International Management (MAN4600) Professor Khosravi September 27, 2012 “Case Study: MTV Network, The Arabian Challenge” Abstract MTV Networks, known as the biggest music television channel in the world set a new challenge of introducing their channel to Middle East or to the Arab countries. Even tough MTV had spread almost through the whole world they had this challenge as one of biggest challenge they could face due to the Arab closed, classic and conservative culture.MTV feared that the Arab’s would not accept the channel due to their religious and cultural traditions, and there was the challenge. They had to adopt measurements that would make Arabs watch their channel instead of continue watching the 54 Arab music channels that they were used to watch and listen. MTV had never had those types of problems at the time of integrating at another country, so they decided they had to implement some strategies to get through this market.They had to tie-up with a local partner, named AMG (Arab Media Group), in order to be accepted by part of the society they tried to focus on which was young people between 12 and 24 years old. But, on the other hand they could not fully adapt Arab culture and conservative styles because they would lose the MTV global brand main characteristics. So, there is what is considered the biggest challenge MTV had faced on entering a new market throughout the whole world. Case Questions 1. Experts felt that one of the biggest challenges faced by MTV while launching MTV Arabia was the prevalent culture in the Arab world.Discuss the Arab culture. How is it expected to pose a challenge to MTV? The Arab community is an area full of diversity in many aspects; each of the Arab countries has different perspectives so there is not one Arab culture. The Arab region is formed of 22 countries, that some have the same religious, politics and ethical views and some are totally different. For example, within the Arab’s there are three types of religions, Judaism, Islam and Christianity; so these make some things acceptable in some countries and in others not.Religion is one of the most important aspects on Arabs’ lifestyle, religion has something to do in almost every decision Arabs’ take. Political leaders are also very influenced by religion on their decisions and those are examples that society view as a model. One of the most crucial facts at MTV decision on entering the Middle East market, was the fact the 65% of the Arab population is younger than 25 years old. They had the opportunity to get 190 million more customers in the Arab community. But, also they have to be aware that family is the center of all in the Arab world, that the father of the family has the first and last word.Also, among Arabs honor is one of the most important qualities and these were also some challenges for MTV. The controversial content that MTV is used to show on their normal channel was the main difference they had to adapt. The sexuality, use of alcohol, politic criticism and religion criticism are some of the main characteristics of MTV on other countries that are not as conservative as Arabs. With these characteristics MTV has achieved success through the Western hemisphere, because the black humor they use is normal among the youngsters and instead of feeling sensible with these, they see it in a humorous way.But, in the Arab community they still conserve the traditional values supported by their culture. 2. Critically analyze MTV’s strategy in the Middle East. Comment on its entry strategy and also its strategy of providing mixed content to the market. Do you think MTV will be able to succeed in this market? Due to all the difficulties presented on the Middle East market, MTV had a very good integration plan with several strategies that would help them achieve their goal.Analyzing so well the market was one of the best strategies, they knew what the market was seeking to watch, what were they were willing to watch and under what concept. Also, tying up with AMG, a local partner, was very useful because then people would not see it as a brand new concept of music television channel, but instead as a combination of both. The strategy of providing mixed content to the audience was a decision that had to happen in order to establish MTV for the Arabs. They tried to mix their original concept of MTV but without the layouts that didn’t fit on the Arab culture.They tried to take out any program, ad or show that would make a certain controversy between societies. And, instead of showing these they concentrated on offering programs that offer Arabic content. Also, they had to adapt a rule that Arabic subtitles had to be present for shows that were on English. With the help of AMG they made a successful market penetration strategy, on what after a year of its creation was called MTV Arabia. MTV strategy on entering this market was a very thought and analyzed decision that should fit on the Arab community.The main challenges MTV had at first of adapting to the Arabs were mostly solved with the merge with AMG and the set of strategies adapted by them. With these decisions they made a mixture of good decisions to adapt to the market in a rapid way, giving the Middle East audience what they want to see with the special touch of MTV. As a global chain, MTV, with these strategies, has a very good chance of gaining a good percentage of the market share in the Middle East, and continue expanding.

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