My First Day of Class 7

The most important person in everyone’s life must be our MOTHER. They are the one who give birth to us without complaining about all the pains they have been through. Our MOTHER is one of the people we must respect and love. For me, my MOTHER is the best MOTHER in the world. My MOTHER actually is an ordinary woman but in her tiny appearance lies an extraordinary fortitude, perseverance, a altruistic soul and a very kindly heart.The kind of MOTHER who brought me up with her whole kindly heart, the kind of persistent woman with strong willpower who had to face the toughest challenges in life, and the kind of person who always demonstrated great zeal for every unlucky lives without requiring anything in return and great willingness to help everyone’s misery though she did not have much, my MOTHER taught me more than anyone else, not only inspired me the strength to overcome hardships in my life, but also left me with invaluable life lessons.My MOTHER is a diligent and determined woman who has left me with the right direction of my road, more importantly; she has helped me appreciate this life as precious gifts of ordinary life and true happiness by her kindly heart. Many people have relatives that they like and dislike. In my situation I like all my relatives, but the one that I like the most is my cousin IJAZ. My cousin is funny, easy going, and intelligent. The first thing that I like about my cousin is that he is funny. I will continue enjoying my funny cousin until everybody else gets what he is saying.The second thing that I like about my cousin is that he is easy going. IJAZ is a person that I can tell him anything and he will not get mad. My cousin is so easy going, that one time I lost a pair of sunglasses that cost him 200 bucks, and he event care. Therefore, that is why my cousin is so cool. The third thing that I most admire about my cousin is his intelligent. My cousin is studying in class 9th. IJAZ is a person that may not look a very bright person. But in reality he has a lot of knowledge of different types of topics.Friendship is very important for everyone, especially me. Now I would like to describe one of my best friends whose name is ALI The first reason I consider him as my best friend is that he has a very warm personality. He is so friendly when he meets me everywhere. For example, he always smiles politely on me that make me absolutely delighted when I meet him. Furthermore, Honesty is his good manner. He never lies to me even one time, because he likes to say something true. Moreover, ALI is a funny person. He always tells me some funny stories in order to reduce stress from studying.He is good at telling jokes, for he can create them on his own. It is really amazing. In addition, he is a compassionate friend, who always helps other buddies when they have problem. He always cares especially about me. He is very useful for me. The second reason is that ALI has full of ability. He was one of the national outstanding students in 2012. I really appreciate him so much about this. Furthermore, He excels at every subject that makes me admire him very much. Since I have known him, I notice that he never fails the exams.He always gets high score in my class. In addition, he is killed at explaining the lessons. For instance, when I don’t apprehend any lesson, he can explain me clearly and concisely. Moreover, He is mighty smart. According to my observation, he easily understands the lessons when he reads or studies. He is my good example forever. To summarize, ALI is one of my best friends who has a good personality that make me more happy and interested in him. Also, he has a great ability to help other friends and me. I really like him.

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