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Our world is changing every day. New technological advances are making our lives much easier, but at the same time people are losing important values. We have a strong commitment to technological progress and this fact causes society to neglect other values such as education, family and protection of the environment. To begin with, technology has a bad influence on children’s education because they do not devote the necessary time to studying. Nowadays children find on the internet everything in a more simple way.The fact reminds that kids do not know how to look for information on books or magazines any more. Children just search on the net whatever they want to know. Due to the fact that they spend too much time playing computer games or chatting with friends they do not pay enough attention to school matters. In addition, technological progress causes problems in family’s relationships and communication. In many families the computer is the most absorbing member of the group.Not only kids but also adults prefer to be chatting and playing on the computer rather than enjoying a nice time with their families. Most of the time people waste hours doing things that are not really important and they leave aside an essential stuff of activities such as a conversation with the family’s members. Moreover, technological breakthroughs seriously affect the ecosystem. In current times, cities are surrounded by high-tech industries producing modern machines and goods which seam to make our lives easier.The truth is that factories pollute the environment by pumping out chemicals that are harmful for all the living things causing the global warming and the acid rain. In conclusion, society has an overly strong commitment to technological issues and technology seams to be the solution for people’s lives but the society needs to realise that important facts are being left aside. Education, responsibility about the ecosystem and family should be the most important matters of our everyday life.

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