Personal Disc Styles

Write a 3 to no more than 5 page double-spaced paper [be sure to use subheadings to identify each section] in which you use the results of your DISC Survey. The content of your DISC paper should include, but is not limited to, answers to the following questions: I. Describe your personal styles (25 points) Describe your strongest style(s) and your weakest style. Provide examples to illustrate how the strong styles characterize you (or, in the case of your weakest style, do not characterize you).If your profile is balanced, describe either how the four styles equally characterize you or how your styles change depending on circumstances. Note in-text citation where needed. II. Discuss how you developed your styles (25 points) Consider the possible effects of family, school, organizational memberships, and/or culture on the development of your self-reported styles. Discuss the factor that you think was most important in shaping your personal styles. III. Assess the impact of your styles on your effectiveness (25 points)Discuss the impact of your styles in terms of two factors–such as interpersonal relations, group activities, individual or managerial performance. IV. Identify a target for change and a specific change strategy (25 points) Focus on a single style and a concrete, behavioral strategy for change. V. References List DISC source according to APA format requirements. (This is important for every paper in this course that uses an outside source. ) If there are certain issues that you would prefer not to discuss, simply exclude them from your paper and focus on other styles, events, or factors.

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