Prince B

Prince Bazar is one of the leading super shops of this country. It holds the highest growth rate in super shop business in Bangladesh. Its motto is to provide the quality products in lowest price and perfect customer service. Prince Bazar had been established on 2005 and successfully running till now. It is situated at Mirpur-1 (Near Bus stand) and fully desired to fulfill the demand of the people of that area. Prince Bazar is one of the well decorated, modern super shops, which assures every kinds of product of people’s needs.Different kinds of fruits, vegetables, fish-meat, groceries, chocolates, toys, Clothing, beverage, food items and a lot more products are available in Prince Bazaar. All the products of Prince Bazaar have a great qualitative value. Food items are healthy and hygienic. Fruits and vegetables are very fresh. It is very popular among the people of Mirpur as it successfully providing products and services to fulfill the needs of them. They can get whatever they want at close to their hand.It holds the facility of full time air conditioning, escalator and trolley system, thus customers can shop comfortably. Prince Bazar has a strong Board of Directors, who directly maintains the whole atmosphere, which can’t be seen to any other super shops. They transmit innovative ideas to provide better product, service and solutions. Price is monitored every single day for customer’s better satisfaction. Prince Bazaar doesn’t compromise with the quality of products. People can also get some rare and foreign products, which they may not gate elsewhere.A huge collection of many products including clothing are available in this super shop. So people can buy top to bottom of their necessary product from here. It has a group of skilled, trained and well educated employees who always help customers to assure their desirable products . They are very friendly, co-operative and jolly. So people can get a full satisfaction shopping from Prince Bazaar. Whatever a consumer needs, can get that easily at Prince Bazaar. Prince Bazaar is always willingly there to help you fulfilling your demand.

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