Sample of a Resolution

Constitution and By-Laws states the principles of the KASAMA is to uphold, practice and promote Filipino values, discipline and nationalism, the interest of the people, love of country and ideals of nationhood;Article VI, Section 5, sub-section b, of the KASAMA Constitution and By-Laws statesthat one of the powers of the Institute Legislative Body is to conduct lectures, symposia and programs to enlighten the students on the socio-cultural, moral, civic, political, educational and other societal issues affecting the welfare of the students; WHEREAS, it is the responsibility of the KASAMA to conduct programs that will promote awareness on the celebration of the Philippines on each month of the year.WHEREAS, the month of July, is the National Nutrition month as celebrated by the Philippines. WHEREAS, the 2013 National Nutrition Month celebration seeks to raise awareness on issues and actions to mitigate hunger and malnutrition; encourage people, non-government agencies, the private sector, civil society groups, and communities to address the issues, and advocate for stronger political action according toWHEREAS, the Department of Education (DepEd) and National Nutrition Council (NCC) are urging all schools to participate in the celebration by undertaking activities that will highlight the importance of good health and nutrition. WHEREAS, to raise awareness, the KASAMA will conduct a feeding program at Iligan City National High School Annex on July 31,2013 to take part on the National Nutrition Month campaign.WHEREAS, this activity is part of the community extension program of the KASAMA. WHEREAS, this activity will enlighten and encourage the students to join on the socio-cultural, moral, political, and societal issues of the country especially on how to mitigate hunger and malnutrition. WHEREAS, all elected and appointed officers of the KASAMA will join the activity. WHEREAS, the budget of the feeding program will be deducted from the Community Extension Services Committee budget allocationWHEREAS, this resolution will take full effect upon the passing of this resolution after its readings and will only be repealed if and only if superseded by another similar and enhanced resolution. WHEREFORE, on MASS MOTION. BE IT RESOLVED, AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED by the Institute Legislative Body of the KASAMA on July 25, 2013 to conduct the KASAMA Nutrition Month Feeding Program. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Institute Legislative Body hereby entrusts the KASAMA Executive Secretary to inform all concerned persons regarding the implementation of the resolution.

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