Setting up a database for a shop selling P.C.’s

This computer company is based on the choosing of the customers of which specific parts needed and will be delivered within a week (just log on to our e mail, phone e.t.c). It has been put on-line and can be also be visited in stores worldwide. The biggest store is in Birmingham. Currently my uncle runs the store called tiny and specialises in selling ‘Pc computers’. However for external features specific cases can be designed to determine the best result. In this case black/silver grey is very well contrast of colours for a computer. I will use design templates to experiment with the appearance and ask various people what they think using questionnaires and interviews picking people randomly.Personal computers are a collection of parts assembled together in the correct position. The parts only function when everything is installed and each part contributes to the motherboard. Additionally the computer is the CPU covered with a casing. Judging by the necessity of the project there needs to be updates regularly and current sales of the prices due to special celebrations such as Christmas. Also the monitor needs to be taken into consideration because the customer who is going to buy this product needs to be able to have a matching casing and a reasonable sized monitor influenced by health and safety.Causes stress on the eyes, flickering of the screen, dizziness, headache and even the eye hurting since a long period of computer usage. Accessories are also needed i.e. the input such as the mouse (mouse pad for comfort), keyboard, speakers, scanner, printer and graphical user interface. Adjustable chair to prevent back strain, high quality screen to prevent eyestrain leading to stress and RSI. Ergonomic keyboard to prevent wrist strain. Foot rest to prevent back pain and change in working patterns to allow change in muscles and cause less stress and RSI.Advantages of this new computerised component sorter- Prevention of human error since all components will be stored in a database on Microsoft Excel.- Faster to carry out calculations e.g. use spreadsheet to add up the total cost of components used to make up the CPU.- Easier too look at spreadsheet since it is more clear to read. All letters on computer are universal so will not have a problem or misreading a word or price since it will cause confusion between the buyer and the seller.- Can be saved on a back-up file if accidentally lost or saved over by another client working in tiny.- The database is user- friendly since it uses bright colours which are a warm contrast purposely designed for users to develop familiarity with a computer and therefore are encouraged to use the computer more often. Consequently electricity is used and the business has an increase in income.- Can support information in a very organised fashion e.g. in a table and can be easily read off preventing a mix up of data e.g. the component size and price.- Can use spell checker and grammar to check if letters or words are spelt correctly to make instructions of computers for users as easy as possible to prevent misunderstanding and any mix-ups from occurring.- Shortcut keys/macros can be used to avoid RSI and repetitive typing- If a user is stuck they can use help icon so it doesn’t waste time of fiddling about on a program and can learn new stuff all the time.Disadvantages of this taskUsing a computerised spreadsheet of data (raw facts and data) and additionally including name of components, size and price of components, which is data that has been processed and is given context, which is information. However using a computer can be disadvantageous and the following could occur:Virus- a program that is written with the sole purpose of infecting computer systems. Problem can be solved by using anti-virus software e.g. Solomon’s anti-virus tool kit.Hacking is unauthorised access which is a person using the computer who has not been given permission to do so. Comes under the computer misuse act, which is broken down into three main levels, 1,2 and 3.Level 1- unauthorised access, to material without any intent, to carry out a task as well as unauthorised access e.g. a student in college gaining access to another student’s user area, only with the intention of messing around.Level 2- unauthorised access with the intention to commit e.g. intention of committing credit card fraud by using stolen numbers.Level 3 – Unauthorised access and modifying data e.g. changing the credit card balance by increasing the amount stored in the bank account.Unauthorised access of data can be accessed via the Internet, stalking and blackmailing employees i.e. external threats or internal threats e.g. where employees are sending illegal copies to users to promote business. Internet allows these huge problems leading companies into bankruptcy. This is because it is easier to keep in contact any time and destination giving false details (being anonymous) and harder to track person/persons as credit card fraud can be committed easily using stolen when buying a computer from tiny. Can be prevented by using:Passwords (to prevent unauthorised access modification)Minimum use of the internet (prevent hacking)Firewalls (prevent access to corruption of data from external sources)Backups (if lost original copy a second can be used to retrieve lost copy) Encryption (prevent misuse of data during transfer)Physical measures (locks, guards, CCTV)UPS (prevent loss of data when power loss)Good pay benefits (encourage experience staff to stay at company i.e. tiny)Lack of understanding of using computers since lack of training and experience because the user is from the old generation where computers were not well established and know plays a very important part in the modern world (to reduce human error).Errors can occur when information output from the system is wrong and the data that is entered into the computer is inaccurate. This is called GIGO which stands for garbage In, garbage out. An example of this is if the price of a speaker is entered �8.00 on to a spreadsheet when it is really �9.00 then it has an outcome of a cheaper price overall.Advantages of old method (analogue)Easier to write down information if user has no experience or has training with a computerCan draw simple pictures using a pen, which is simple and straightforward to achieve.Paper is in expensive since it doesn’t use up electricity and 100%-recycled paper can be used, which proves to be advantageous for the environment.Don’t have to buy from specialist shops and can therefore be obtained from local shops so paper is more readily available.Cheaper to buy a paper pad instead of buying a computer and software for information to be typed and structured which is expensive.Spend less time writing down the information rather then looking for a letter when typing on a keyboard.Wont cause radiation so won’t have an effect on pregnant women causing miscarriage of their baby.Doesn’t cause dizziness of eyes for staring at the screen so therefore is healthier to look at paperNo printers needed to print out work so the output on paper will be fast and efficient as well as a cheap method.No noise from printers so a very quite and stress free method of output of information.There are no harmful ozone emissions since laser printers are not used causing headaches.No concern needed for inappropriate physical settings so can be positioned in a very relaxed manner.Disadvantages of old method (analogue)Might not be able to understand handwriting and may use an alternative word which has a different meaning and changes the implication of the sentence and leads to further problems.Paper can be torn so some important information e.g. address is missing so cannot send components to the address and leads to confusion and wastes time and moneyCan have a back up copy by re-writing on to a different piece of paper but takes longer than saving a backup on two separate disks from a computer.Can become boring since doesn’t have colour and paper is dull and become irritant continuously writing on continuous paper.Users cannot communicate to tiny through a computer via. e-mail, which is cheap. Only by telephone or fax which is inconvenient and tiny cannot be advertised on the Internet which is a very popular necessitate in the modern day used by people all over the world.More chance of information being retrieved by unauthorised personal e.g. the paper is put in a safe and the security code combination to open the safe is learnt. Using a listening device to hear clicks or the safe is physically vandalised and broken open using specialist equipment such as laser.Paper can be lost easily in other piles of paper or misplaced somewhere so have to re-write the information again which requires more time and could be spent socialising with friends and family.Ink on paper can be smudged accidentally so information cannot be read and will cause hassle.Computing abilityWorking flexible hours- be able to find the problem and work out the solution without giving up. Correcting the solution earlier rater then leaving it to the last minute e.g. installing anti-virus software rather than receiving a virus and having to deal with this problem.Good written skills- Write straight forward and easily understood instructions for users to understand and be able to write technical information.Good communication skills- to receive efficient and acccccurate communication with user e.g handling the situation calm and collectively.Getting along with a variety of people- skills to work in a team to be able to share information and to understand and deal with customers.Good lisetning skills- Understanding the problem that the user has and be able to solve uner pressure and also to keep the situation under control.Computer CostsEach individual part costs according to the model version and what it can perform. E.g. a graphics card starts from �10 and the price can increase according to a higher resolution of graphics. All the components required definitely for a computer to function has been written below:* Motherboard (all components are compatible with motherboard when slot in) �15-�150* Processor �20-�60* CPU (Control processing unit) ‘brain’ of computer �150-�250* RAM (Read access memory) �15.50-�31.20* ROM (Read only memory) �15.50-�31.20* Hard drive memory (the space on a computer) �20-�50* Graphics card �10-�100* Disk drive �45-�90* CPU Fan �5-�29.99* Buses (CPU sends signal from keyboard to Monitor when typing) �5.00-�20* Cables (link up CPU, Monitor) �3.50-�29.50* Monitor- Displays information/graphics and is separate to the CPU �300-�1000Any additional external or internal componants have been listed in a table:ExtrasIncludeExplanationModem (internal)Connects to the telephone line to get hold of the Internet. The internet is a popular I.T demand effecting society’s ways. A faster method of finding various updated information for research purposes. Can download information; communicate visually between countries which is cheaper then going there. Also for leisure activities and peoples pleasure. However can be used for bad purposes such as Pornography, football hooliganism, blackmail, stalking, copyright infringement, money-laundering hacking which is dealt under the computer misuse act. This can be protected using passwords, encryption/encoding, back up of files and firewalls to prevent unauthorised access.Sound card(Speaker optional)Usage necessary for blind or other similar disability since they cannot read or see pictures and use sound as a replacement e.g. music for each button being typed on keyboard to distinguish which button has been typed but person has to be familiar with which sounds are produced from the letter or number on keyboard, training required.Zip Drive?Not necessary only used to compactInformation to fit on disk when large pictures need to be saved. To avoid this crisis pictures can be shrunk to a sensible size and would have enough space to fit onto the disk. Also used for compressing Power Point presentations but can use an alternative program e.g. Microsoft Word.MouseTo click on icons, scroll down a page very quickly, click on a drop down icons and draw shapes on programs (software) rather then using keys which wastes time and causes a lot of inconvenience e.g. typing in the incorrect buttons resulting in loss of work, forgetting shortcut keys causing problems of opening a file on a word document and is tricky to save a program. Mice are very cheap to manufacture so therefore the outcome of the price is low. Scroll mice are better than the standard mice since it is a lot easier to scroll down the page and results in less stress so healthier for the user.KeyboardIs a very effective and efficient method to type in information e.g. Microsoft Excel where you need to type in digits or letters in a spreadsheet and the task is difficult to carry out without being supplied with a keyboard. Can be used for deaf people. Have reminders in bright colours instead of using noise. Voice command has been specially designed for blind people but is very expensive.Scanner?Not a vital technology since a scanner is used for scanning in pictures and text onto a program but an alternative method which is cheaper and uses up less electricity is replacing the pictures by finding a similar picture on the internet and text and be re-typed which doesn’t take long. If there is a lot of text or for another reason go to a public place that has the facility of a scanner or even visit a family or friend. Is an alternative method and proved inexpensive.Printer?File or document can be saved on disk or sent via e-mail from one computer (no printer) to another computer, which has the facility to print (can be retrieved when logged on to a computer which is attached to a printer). E-mail can be prioritised to denote importance to the symbol by marking the symbol on the work. Found either in public places e.g. Internet Caf� or go to family and friends, saved on disk using the disk drive. Is an alternative method and proved inexpensive.DVD?Specially designed to watch movies on computer or listen to music, which is only used for leisure activities and is not relevant.Re-writer?Re-writer drive can copy CD’s illegally if it has been labelled as copyright and to exclude this piece of technology would decrease the rate of illegal activity and prevent people from breaking the data protection act called software piracy. Also used to make a back up of saved work but a disk can carry out same function.Digital camera Can be used for Sending pictures to?Used to send graphical pictures to a recipient, which is mostly used for leisure activities and can use chat lines or internet. Also used for businesses but is a very expensive piece of technology.Video conferencing Very costly and both parties need?Both members need specialist equipment to communicate and this proves the method is costly. Other methods of communication such as the internet using chat lines or e-mail where you can send or receive e-mails. Even prioritise your email to mark a symbol and denote importance to the recipient. Therefore the user can function without this communication device.I have found one computers, which perfectly matches the specification with a sensible prices to add up to under �900. The computer parts and prices have been displayed in a table below:Name of componentSizePriceModem56K PCI Voice Modem2�21.90Sound CardIntegrated Intel(r) Extreme sound�10.00MouseLogitech USB Optical Wheel Mouse�6.99KeyboardMultifunction Keyboard�9.99MotherboardPentium 4 1.7GHz�87.54Processor2.4 GHz�17.79CPUPentium 4 3.06GHz�169.00Ram122mb�10.10Rom122mb�10.10Hard disk memory256MB�15.99Graphics cardIntegrated Intel(r) Extreme Graphics�10.00Disk Drive9.1 GB�60.20CPU fan”2″ inches�6.00Buses2 mb�7.50Cables3 in 1 KVM cables�12.99Monitor”19″ inch�440Total = �896.09The task will be carried out in Microsoft Excel and the components are colour coded in order to distinguish which one is situated to contribute to the construction of a computer. Fig.1 is an example of how the task is going to be carried out and shows the colour coding making it easier to read e.g. Components: are colour coded opposite colours which are fitted next to each other. Also the cables are colour coded making it easier to distinguish where to put everything for the customer and for theManufacturer. These colours have been carefully chosen to allow brightness so can be easily seen by people to prevent misunderstanding of information i.e. human error.Fig.1This is the only design that fits under the specification and is shown below with a picture and includes a short summary with reference to the computer:Design 1Resource availabilityUncle Reik works in tiny from 9.00 5.00 p.m. every day including weekends. He has had training and is very experienced with using a computer. However, he needs to be told by his supervisor, which components users want so he can put them in the correct location fitted in the motherboard i.e. by receiving simple instructions. Compontents in this task has been set standard which will be tested by interviews, questionnaires and trial periods.End- user requirement1) The system is required to be able to give accurate and efficient output information i.e. the components for the computer.2) Offer employees with a certain amount of work using an computer reduces the tasks e.g. calculating the total cost of components will normally be carried out from a calculator but to speed up the process autosum on a spreadsheet will be used as areplacement.3) Appearance can be increased to high quality and professional skills can be introduced to produce a high performing working area.4) System should be easily transferred from one computer to another or laptop.5) System should be affordable for the business and not loose money in the long run otherwise the business will have a reduction in customers and loose profit.6) System should not look intimidating for employees and therefore be user-friendly.7) System should increase the rate of communication between tiny employees and the customer.Input RequirementForename (state)Surname (state)Address 1 (state)Address 2 (state)Postcode (state)Sex- Male (button to press)Female (button to press)Credit card no. (Drop down bar)Computer (Drop down bar)Model (Drop down bar)Company (Drop down bar)Price (Drop down bar)Guarantee (Drop down bar)Colour casing (Drop down bar)Shape of casing (Drop down bar)Over 18 Yes NoVAT 17.5% (Calulate)CHOOSE components:Memory Yes noSound Yes noGraphics card Yes noAdditional? Yes noSpeakers Yes noDvd drive Yes nore-writer Yes noPrinter Yes noProcess requirement* All components necessary to make up the CPU can all be looked up from a table* Extra technology e.g. modem can be additionally added to the computer and can then be looked up in the table* Price ranges of all components can be looked up from a list* The standard price and size of components set for all users can be looked up in a table* The cost of all components can be totalled and compared to standard total and distinguish where it has come over or under the original price range.* Discounts can be attached in case any special occasions occur e.g. Christmas. When selling components in Christmas sales are introduced and reduction in total cost take places.Output Requirements* Find out all components needed to function as the CPU* Find out the price of components* Find out the size of componentsDesignView all this information in a spreadsheet below:ForenameMarshSurnameWerderAddress 154 Kook RdAddress 2PostcodeB45 7DFSexMaleFemaleCredit card noComputerModelCompanyPriceGuaranteeColour casingShape of casingOver 18NoYesNoTypePCMemoryyesnoSound cardyesnoGraphics cardyesnoAdditional?yesnoSpeakersyesnoDvd driveyesnoRe-writerYesnoPrinteryesnoAll types of general I.T skill is shown on the spreadsheet and have been listed below:� Macros- easier to shift from one page to another� Shortcut keys required for actual names of components to prevent re-typing and thus reduces RSI.� Formulas: if, vlookup, autosum, to work out calculations.� Visual basic editor- to add in colour and pictures.� Buttons, drop down form field, insert frame, to organise information� Sort by- whether components should be ascending, descending or according to price or size.� Add in warning if any number is typed incorrect or inappropriate.Sub-tasksDefinite detail of expertise and skills needs to be established into the spreadsheet and has been listed below:1) Components are recorded in the worksheet2) Showing picture of actual computer and monitor (cases)3) 1) Actual components2) Total cost of components4) MacrosClear screenTo add in option boxes e.g. B11 is type of computer, so Pc computer B11 is 11 groups!e2:e11, Cell B13 is name of company therefore B14 is = vlookup (B14,groups,3)Spinner over something can change range of total price, add as necessary.Turn to next page5) Start up screen6) Quotes worksheet7) Print off quotesMacro must:Go on to next pageClear pageto Choose option of computer brandReduce or increase the total price of computer psrts using a spinnerTo start up the systemTo close the systemTo transmit to the help pageA front cover for the spreadsheet needs to be drawn. Below are three designs incluing maco buttons with different layouts and styles:Design of Sub-taskFig. 1Fig. 2Fig. 3Test StrategyAll three types of strategies i.e interview, running a trial periods and questionnaires will be carried out during implementation. Graphs can be obtained from the results to prove that the system works better than the old system and a final conclusion in the evaluation will be drawn. The date of trial period will be determined when employees in tiny have a day off from work or a few hours free to test the system and will be continously persistant to find out the date once I have started the implementation. An interview can be assumed for the manager of tiny. This will allow his views on the new system to be stated and can be a further indication if the system has improved the working life in tiny or need to revert back to the old analogue system. Questionnaires given after the interview as to determine the customers point of view of the e,mployees behaviour and whether it incourages them to buy computer parts more easily by the dilusion of a proffesional operational shop. This will be all carried out in Implentation.Test PlanWhether the componants are correct for users and if required updation using techniques such as questionnaires, a interview and a trial period (consisting of a week). To test certain people in tiny who use computers on a day to day basis and whether the computer fits their needs and fits a certain high quality which users need to have to do their job. Therefore the computer needs to be adequate and relavent and bot too excessive that is causes irratance to users e.g. adding to many extara equipment such as a digital camera that I only used for leisure time and proves to be a waste of money. The trial period is to see if the spreadsheet is better than the old method by embrace a test run. An interview can be used to answer specific question to what is relavent and tend not to excadsurate. Questionnaires can be given at random to people to answer the questions that determine whether the system is a success or the old analogue method proves to be better or even if more pieces of technolgy needs to be added additional to the computer e.g re-writer to copy files which contain large pictures and graphs. Also the more questionnaires handed out the more accurate the outcome of results since a wider area would have been covered to ask customers as well as the public. If employees chose to keep the system but want to improve the system further they can set out a separate questionnaire which is targeted on employees to use the most voted improvements and finally it can be included which will be stated in the evaluation.The computer parts worksheetTesting the input controls for entering the computer details:Test numberPurpose of testingTest data usedExpected outcomeActual outcome and comments1Test option button (sex)Click on male/femaleReturns 1 or 2 in D10 or D112Test combo box (computer) returns correct valuesApple, Sony, Hansol, Tiny, Philips, IBM.Resturns 6 in C133Test combo box (model) returns correct values20115, 43276, 54309, 84643, 96758, 07462Returns 6 in C144Test the CONC function in column C15 combines contents of columns C13 and C14.All computer and model in named range group.Computer and model combines in the space for company.5Test spinner control and LooKUP returns correct amontdecrease spinner to �100.Number should deacrese to a maximum of �100 from �896.096Test combo box (Guarantee) returns correct values1 year2 yearsRestunrs 2 in C177Test combo box (colour casing ) returns correct valuesGreySilverBlueReturns 3 in C188Test combo box (shape of casing) returns correct valuesCircularSquareRoundReturns 3 in C199Test option button (over 18)Yes/noReturns 1 or 2 in C2010Test option button (memory)Yes/noReturns 1 or 2 in C2211Test option button (sound card)Yes/noReturns 1 or 2 in C2312Test option button (graphics card)Yes/noReturns 1 or 2 in C2413Test option button (Additional?)Yes/noReturns 1 or 2 in C2514Test option button (DVD drive)Yes/noReturns 1 or 2 in C2615Test option button (Re-writer)Yes/noReturns 1 or 2 in C2716Test option button (printer)Yes/noReturns 1 or 2 in C28Preparing the quotesTesting the VLOOKUP and other roles:17Test price of total number of computer partsDecrease spinner to �100.�896.09 is returned in C1618Test Vlookup in in C21 returns correct values from the computer worksheetTypePC returned in C21Entering the total cost for computer parts19Test the prices are looked correctly from the table contaning computer parts.Select Company i.e Tiny 84643C21 should return to �896.09Calculating the total cost of the Quote:20Test the formula C16Data for test 19 aboveBill worked out on spreadsheet using autosum i.e �896.09Automating the filing of quotes:21Test the macro where no data is enteredNo data enteredWarning sign should appear22Shortcut key for entering data e.g. dateDate, company name, address of companyFast method of input preventing re-typingClearing the current screen to enter a new quote23Test macro ‘clear screen’ after using spreadsheetWhole of quotes spreadsheetScreen should be clear24Test macro ‘clear screen’ after quoets been filledForename, surname, Address 1, Adress2 and postcodeScreen should be clearPrinting the Qoute25Test details are taken from the quotes sheet to the pinted quote worksheet sheetComputer parts and detailsDetails display correctly on the pinted quote worksheetAdding the user options26Test Pint QuoteTest macro buttonPrint Quote27Test links to other worksheetTest Macro buttonBe able to switch to chosen sheet and back to quotes worksheetCustomerising the interface and finishing touches28Test the auto-open macro sarts the systerm correctlyStarts the systemSystem loads and removes Excel stranmdard features29Test the auto-open macro closes the systerm correctlyClose the system downSystem closes Excel stranmdard featuresAdd the front end and further options30Test the help buttonNone, test macro buttonOn screen help messages given31Test the auto-open again macro sarts the systerm correctlyStart the system upSystem loads up front page.32Test the exit macro buttonNone, test macro buttonSystem closes downUser testing33Install the system in the officw at Tin for a week for Reek and his employees and see if it meets his requirements.

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