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Everybody is liable to error, aren’t they? 2. Very few students are devoted to studies, are they? 3. Please, don’t waste your time, will you? 4. Let us go for a walk, shall we? 5. Fire burns, doesn’t it? 6. Trees are our best friends, aren’t they? 7. We should plant more trees, shouldn’t we? 8. Nobody phoned me that day, did they? 9. The spot is quite far from here, isn’t it? 10. What a pity, isn’t it? 11. None of you went there, did you? 12. Let us have a discussion, shall we? 13. Our college won the match, didn’t they? 14. He doesn’t take sugar in tea, does he? 15.Everyone should do so, shouldn’t they? 16. You need not do this, need you? 17. There is a little pond in the water, isn’t there? 18. You is a pronoun, isn’t it? 19. A man like you should not do this, should you? 20. I’d meet you, wouldn’t I? 21. There are many problems in our college, aren’t there? 22. It is impossible, isn’t it? 23. You can’t be sure, can you? 24. Their performance shows it, doesn’t it? 25. Everybody loves flowers, don’t they? 26. Today flowers are used on different occasions, aren’t they? 27. We need flowers to greet our honorable guests, don’t we? 28.Now many people cultivate flowers, don’t they? 29. This will better the living condition of the poor flower sellers, wont it? 30. Telling lies is a great sin, isn’t it? 31. One lie begets hundred lies, doesn’t it? 32. None believes a liar, do they? 33. He has to lead a miserable life, hasn’t he? 34. So all of us ought to refrain from telling lies, oughtn’t we? 35. We ought not to do this, oughtn’t we? 36. Rana as well as his friends enjoyed the film, didn’t they? 37. Let me be alone, will you? 38. Everyone welcome us, didn’t they? 39. I have the right to do get your help, haven’t I? 40.

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