Television: Electronic Enemy or Pixlated Pal

Television: Electronic Enemy or Pixelated Pal? Is it possible for television to impact the way you enact with life? I believe that nothing on Earth can impact you unless you choose to make it impact you. Barbara Ehrenreich claims, “Only after many months of viewing did I begin to understand the force that has transformed the American people into root vegetables. ” I strongly refute this claim. Television has many useful resources like cooking shows and the news, but it also has its “magnets” like marathons, SpongeBob, and The Walking Dead.Television is useful, a great source of entertainment, and can actually make you smarter. Television is a useful tool. What if a strike was going at the local Savemart? We would not know unless we had a television, a friend who watches television, or went there in person. The news will tell you just that and the weather for the next week so it doesn’t rain while you’re swimming. While watching the National Geographic channel one can travel the entire African Savannah or the Australian Outback or even the deep murky trenches of the Pacific Ocean.It makes geography and biology projects a lot easier. When my Mother first came to America she couldn’t even say hello, but after watching shows like Sesame Street and The Price is Right she began to make brief conversation then it escalated from then. Television is a really useful tool. Television is a great source of entertainment. The average American watches 151 hours of television a month, mostly on entertainment. When I’m bored I turn on SpongeBob. When my Mother wakes up she turns on the Bold and the Beautiful. 4% of Americans watch football. Most people seek television when they have no other means of entertainment. Not only is it more convenient that going to movies, plays, concerts but is also a lot cheaper. With modern day television people do not have to leave their houses, and get dressed up to drive to see what they could be watching on their own TV sets at home. A great source of entertainment is television. Television can actually make you smarter. There are quite a bit of ways television can make you smarter. For example, Jeopardy! s still on air. There are plenty of smart, albeit less sensational programs. In fact, we’d argue that TV shows, particularly dramas, are smarter than ever. Homeland, Breaking Bad, Mythbusters, Louie, Mad Me, and South Park are shows that have enough intellectual and creative merit to engage the grumpiest, most cynical TV haters. Another way television makes you smarter is satire has never been better. Two of the smartest satirists in TV history have their own shows, and you should watch them, because it will make you a better thinker.A 2009 Rasmussen survey found that nearly one-third of Americans under the age of 40 believe that The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are replacing “traditional” news outlets. But perhaps it’s not news content so much as the witty, sarcastic bent that stirs activity in the brain. You need to understand the underlying causes of a situation to appreciate its absurdity, it could be argued. Television is helpful, a source of entertainment, and will make you smarter. Television is useful because it keeps us updated on the real world, helps us with projects, and gives us cooking lessons.Television is a great source of entertainment because we no longer have to pay money and drive up to the movies and we have all of our favorite shows on demand. Television makes us smarter by putting shows like Jeopardy! and Breaking Bad and by watching satirical shows like The Boondocks and The Colbert Report. I believe television has its positive and negative aspects but the positive definitely over shines the negative. Television is the best invention on the 20th century in my opinion. So is television really an evil fiend that corrupts mankind? I think not.

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