The Bulldog

The Bulldog Long ago there was a small English settlement in the American South. The people of this town made their living farming and hunting. The town’s hunters were known for having some of the best prized hunting dogs around. Rumors of a monster began sweeping through towns and villages. A massive wild bull was on a rampage; destroying crops and anything else in its path. Unfortunately no one really believed it.One day, a small boy asked, “Father may I go and play in the abandoned fields outside of town? ” His father replied,” Sure, but be on the lookout for strange animals. ” “I will” he yelled, as he ran away. The boy gathered his friends, and they headed toward the fields. They were all playing, when suddenly, the beast leaped out among them! He was black, with humongous horns, and stood at least eight feet tall. He charged; they ran, but the small boy was too slow.The bull trampled him, and he was killed. News of the boy’s death angered the townspeople. There was a big reward set up for the man who killed the beast. The poor hunters jumped at this chance, and they set out immediately with their best dogs. However, the large dogs were no match for the bull. When the defeated hunters returned, an old trapper said, “You boys need a smaller dog, one that can sneak up on that bull. ” A hunter said, “You’re crazy old man. The old man simply replied, “You’ll see. ” The next day the trapper got his dog and went after the monster. The dog was small, but strong, tough, and aggressive. Some of the hunters came along to watch. As they approached the field, they could see the bull standing tall. The dog was released. It made its way behind the bull, and in a single motion took out his hind legs and pinned. After the bull was killed, a man from the crowd of hunters shouted, “Three cheers for the English Bulldog! ”

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