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A Chief Constable wants to keep details about local soccer hooligans and their actions, this database will enable the user to go through the criminals and there incidents, the user should be able to search for records of a particular hooligan or search for hooligans who have previously been involved in a particular type of crime.The data neededCriminal personal details: ID, name, age, date of birth, address, post code, telephone number and crime codeRecords of incidents: ID, incident, date of incident, crime codeThe data that I have got it not real it is made up information that I will be using for my database.The tables and relationships I plan to useThere will be two tables my first table will be criminal personal details it will contain 8 fields, these are:* ID* Name* Age* Date of birth* Address* Post code* Telephone number* Crime codeThe second table will be records of incidents, this table stores all the incidents of the criminals, it will contain 4 fields, and these are:* ID* Incident* Date of incident* Crime codeThere are many different sizes of fields I have chosen in each of the tables it really depends on the data type. For example if the data type is “text” then the field size is always 50, on the other hand if the data type is “number or “auto number” then the field size will always be long integer.How I put my plan for tables and relationships onto accessHere are screenshots of what I did to set up my tables, similar to a step by step.I set up the primary key by choosing the field “ID” because it I unique key, I right clicked and selected “primary key”.Setting up a relationshipThese are some screenshots of what I did to set up my relationshipsI went of “tools” then “relationships”A new window called the Show Table appeared on the screen then I Selected each table name in turn, clicking on Add after each one. I did this with both tables then I clicked on closeThen I Clicked and held on the field name “ID” in the Records of incidents window and dragged it to the Criminal person details field in the Crime Code window, before releasing the mouse button.After that was done a new window appeared already knowing that the relationship is One-to-ManyAfter that was done a new window appeared already knowing that the relationship is One-to-ManyI clicked the Enforce Referential Integrity and ticked cascade update related fields and records and click create.The field “ID” is a primary key. The field “Crime code” is not a primary key, but is part of a relationship, so it’s called a foreign key.How I entered data into my tablesHere are some screenshots of the forms I have designed and used,I have designed 2 forms, criminal details and records of incidents formTo go with my database I also made a form which shows the information that was needed, this form shows the criminals personal detailsThis form shows the records of incidentsHere are some screenshots of my queryPrintout of my reportsSafetyTo make sure I don’t loose my work I have kept back-up copies of my work on floppy disk, if my floppy was to get lost I would still have a back up on my home hard drive, so this is how I kept my work safe.Also in my work there was no errors that occurred.

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