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I am writing an article to outline how the characteristics of destinations affect the appeal to tourists and issues likely to affect the popularity of tourist destinations. What I mean by this is what characteristics affect its appeal to current leading tourist destinations, like economic and social characteristics. Throughout this article I am going to be analysing the issues that are likely to affect the popularity of tourist destinations.Some of the leading tourist destinations like France, US and the UK all have economic characteristics, like France for instance although it’s a small country they have fairly important economic power, the sectors vary: * Car industry – that reached its peak in 2005 selling nearly 5. 75 million vehicles worldwide. * Raw material production – Michelin is the first tyre producer, France ranks second together the UK concerning the plastic industry. Fashion and luxury goods industry – with about 25% of the market France is leading in the perfumes and cosmetics sector, this whole industry is worth about 39 billion euros. * Main French farming foods – cereals – first producer in the U. E and fifth worldwide; Wine – second producer worldwide after Italy. Concerning global tourism revenues, France ranks third worldwide just after USA and Spain with 32. 8 million euros, France is the most visited country in the world reeling in 75. 1 million foreign tourists a year. In 2004 the population in France was 62 million, the GNP (gross national product) was 1. 90. 76 billion euros in 2004 along with the GDP (gross domestic product) at 1. 551 milliards, making the growth rate 2. 5% and inflation 2. 2%. France operates a mixed economy that combines socialist and capitalist characteristics, capitalism involves private ownership of capital and other means of production. Under socialism the government directs economic activity and owns all or part of most industries. The French government has a lot of control over the economy, owning shares in many of the countries largest companies.One of the most visited attractions in France is the Fontainebleau forest and castle is located 55. 5 kilometres south to the centre of Paris, with 13 million visits annually. Known for its variety of wildlife and activities, the Fontainebleau forest is and outstanding protected natural reserve. Its mini Alps rugged landscape and hilly terrain makes it perfect for rock climbers in training, it’s a paradise of wildlife with hundreds of species of fauna and flora. The second most visited place in France is Disneyland Paris, bringing in 12. million visits a year, Disneyland is a fun filled place for the whole family old or young your guaranteed a good time, this year is Disneyland’s 20th anniversary so that will most likely bring a good amount more visits to France. Frances highest mountain is the mount Blanc, its 781 feet high, there are also the Alps massif, central and Pyrenees Mountains. In France they speak French, the religion in France is 90% catholic and 10% protestant, the literacy in France is 99% and the life expectancy is 71 for men and 79 for woman.The physical characteristics in France are fairly modern and up to scratch, every town has a clean water supply, adequate sanitation, more than enough utilities and a good service of transport. France is a republic, the fifth republic of France was establishes in 1958, it gave extensive powers to the presidents and ministers compared to the other western democracies. Its first president was General de Gaulle and his Prime minister was Michael Debre, it has been amended 17 times, most recently in July 2008 when the French congress (a joint convention of the two chambers of parliament) approved.The president must approve appointment of government, ministers, PM and presidents work together to form a government, in theory ministers are chosen by the PM in practice unless the president and PM are from different sides. The electoral system for parliamentary elections involves two rounds the first round a candidate can be elected by obtaining the majority of votes, the second round is a run-off between two or more candidates. The use of tourism for economic transformational reflect on the huge impact that tourist activity and the tourism industry has on political change

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