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It is forbidden! Excuse me, madam, it is forbidden smoking in the restaurant. – Where Can I smoke then? – You can smoke on the terrace. – On the terrace? Then that! No thank you! – Madam, please! Do not smoke here I’d like a room, please. For one person. – For a person … Agree. Give me your passport, please … Ah! You have a dog? -Yes. – I’m sorry, sir, but you can not take your dog with you in the room. – But how? ! Excuse me, ma’am, you can not use your laptop. – What do you mean I can not! But I phone to my son! This is very important! – No, ma’am, I’m sorry. It is not possible. You can not call in he aircraft. Call him at the airport upon arrival. DISCOVER Where are they? Listen to the dialogues and tell where different people. What they can not do? Listen again and say that people can not do. Dialogue 1: It can not Dialogue 2: It can not Dialogue 3: It can not TRAIN And here?Identify what you can do or not do in the following locations. In one film. 2 In the classroom. 3 At the restaurant. What is allowed? Observe the drawings. Ask your neighbor (s) what we can do or not do. Several answers are possible. Example: Is it possible to enter? No, you can not enter / he is forbidden to enter / t is not allowed to enter here. / Do not enter. What do they say? Complete the sentences with I, you, he, we, you or them. 1 Patrick, tell the time of appointment with Mr. Chen, please. 2 No, you’re not good in this sweater! Take one other color! 3 Lucie! Anna! For 20 €. Go, buy a CD. 4 Sophie arrives! Show your photos in Spain. 5 No, we do not take the subway. Call a taxi. 6 They love Italian cuisine: pastas do.• Ask, and refuse to permission – Where can I smoke? – You can smoke on the terrace. – You can not take your dog. • Express prohibitions – It is forbidden to smoke. – You can not call the plane. It is not possible. – Do not smoke! Oppose [f] and [3] Say if you hear [J] or [3]. She has one choice. 5 2 They are home. 6 3 J (e) Can l (e). 7 It is light. J (e) do not know. It is not joy! 4 J (e) want to leave. 8 J (e) take the train. Small Ads HOTEL MUSEUM NICE You are a H or F between 25 and 35 years, smiling (e) and dynamic. You want to work with clients French and foreign. You can speak English, Spanish and Italian. You can work sometimes weekend. We seek a (an) receptionist. Contact Mrs. Davoust Director Hotel Museum 56, Promenade des Anglais 06200 Nice 04 93 75 28 39 Seeks F r v a t he 1 Read the ad.Answer the questions. What a mean H and F? b What are the qualities required for this job? 2 Listen to the dialogue. Answer the questions. c, Mo a How many people speak? b Who are these people? c What are the strengths and weaknesses the person for this job? Power, or want to know? Complete the sentences with one of these three verbs. 1 She speak German? 2 You put this letter in the mail? 3-You go to the movies tonight? – Ah! yes, it is a good idea. 4 – They come to the party on Saturday? – No, it is not possible. 5 No problem, we answer the phone. What to do? What to do in the following situations?Example: You want to go to the theater. • + must reserve seats. 1 You want to book a hotel room in Paris. 2 Want to learn Italian. 3 Want to get train schedules to Nice. 4 You want to buy an apartment. They will do. Say what they will do, as in the example. Example: – Mathilde went to the post office? – No, but it will go. 1 You have lunch? 2 II came to you? 3 They left yesterday? 4 You went to this restaurant? She got five? 6 They walked this morning? 5 Course particular Listen and answer the questions. 1 What is the problem child? 2 How many hours of the woman she wants for his daughter? 3 When the student can come?E n t e r t i in Read the ad. Play with your neighbor (s) maintenance between the restaurant manager and / the candidate (s). Restaurant THE RIGHT ATTITUDE 7, place de la Victoire – 33000 Bordeaux Seeking a (an) waiter / waitress, minimum 23 years, two years experience in catering. English required. Contact Andre – 05 56 10 51 47 PRONONCEI 10 Semi-vowel [w] and [w] Listen and tell me if you hear [q] or [w]. Then say the sentence. 1 It goes into the kitchen. 4 Louis came. 2 They said yes. 5 They arrived today. 3 It’s noisy here! That is what it offer? But what do you do? – Well, we look for a gift idea for Colette. But why? It’s his birthday? – But no! She left the agency this week. She retires. – Ah! but yes, it’s true! – And then we offered him a gift for his departure. – Yes, but we do not know what to buy. – You know it well, you, Colette. What are his tastes? – What is she like? I do not know, I … Give her flowers … Or why not a CD Pavarotti? She loves it! – It is not very original! – Well, then, you can offer an art book on the photo or painting. – Ah, yes, well, that’s a good idea … Ah! but no, the manager buys a book! – Ah! Look, okay, I’m sorry but I have no other idea … What a d e c a u choose? I • i 1 Listen to the dialogue. Say if this is true, false, or if not known. It was the anniversary of Colette b His colleagues offer a gift, c The man knows Colette, d The two women have no idea for the gift e Colette love the photo f His colleagues will buy him a book. 2 What replaces it (line 8) and (line 10)? What difference is there between these two pronouns? TRAIN YOU Response to any Complete the sentences with the, / or. Example: You know the new restaurant Place de Clichy? • * Yes, I know. 1 – He buys flowers for tonight? Yes, he buys. 2-You cook? No, I do not. 3 – You invite Anne to the party?Yes, I call. 4-You leave the jacket in the car? Yes, I leave. 5 – You take your calendar with you? No, I do not! Him or them? Answer questions him or them. 1 – She wrote to her parents? -No, 2-You offer flowers to your wife? ‘Yes, 3 – You are a gift to Thomas? – No, 4-you phone to your friends this weekend? – Yes 5 – They talk to the manager this morning? – No, What are they doing? Find the question. January 11 to 17 takes 30 hours. 2 Yes, of course, she invites them. 3 Yes, we buy every day. 4 I gave him a CD. E-mail Complete the e-mail. From: [hugo_mathieu (2 hotmail. com To: I maxime_fabrice (gifree. frSubject: Anniversary of Valerie and Frederic Hi Fabrice, Valerie’s birthday, I offer the latest CD Moby: she did not. And Frederic, I buy a book art. And you, what do you offer to both? For cakes, no problem, Delphine and Pascal do. And salad, I prepare. On Saturday! Birthday surprise You organize a surprise party for birthday a (e) friend (s). With your neighbor (s), imagine discussion for the organization of the evening: the place of the party (s) gift (s), guests, meals to prepare, surprises … @ SAY Lee obsolete Listen and say. E What is the deletion in pronunciation? I know one. 4 do. 2 I do not know. We know. 3 can be seen. 6 I do not eat it. MAINTENANCE? For maintenance Stay calm and smiling (e). Look into the eyes the person in front of you. Listen carefully and respond with phrases short. Do not tell your life or problems. Speak correctly: Do not use familiar words. Ask you also issues on the work, schedules, the company DISCOVER What is it? Read the document. Who wrote it? For whom? The one who wrote is not stated. It is written for those who have interviews And what else? Add three tips for success an interview. Do not smoke during the interview Do not say something that is not necessaryDo not eat or chew gum Errors Listen to the dialogue. What are some tips that the applicant does not comply? none CONTACT • 4 And in your country? With your neighbor (s), answer following questions. At work, in your country … 1 Is it possible smoking? 2 Is it possible you tell the director or the director? 3 Does it have come from and exactly on time? 5 to you! Choose a theme (How to Succeed a party with friends, How to Succeed a trip abroad … ). In the style of How to Succeed an interview, write a small guide. SPAIN Know-how Rules Your school or university wants to offer new rules, written n collaboration with students. Students make ten written submissions. Discuss with your neighbor (s) of the new rules. Then make a list of ten proposals. List propocitioric ect i n t e r s i t Ruiner dahC school. 1. 3. 4. 5. e. 7. 8. 9 – 10. V 2 Birthday Read the e-mail and Theo answer him. – You accept his proposal. – You ask Theo prepare a dish and call the guests. – You give ideas for the gift. ? Baby-sitter With your neighbor (s), choose a character (A or B). Looking for A (e) for babysitter your son, Hugo, and your daughter, Morgan. B Like many babies and you want to work on weekends s a babysitter. Prepare questions to ask to another person, b Play the scene with your neighbor (s). : 1 theo. marchai @ yahoo. fr To: [reza. yas @ hotmail. fr Re: [Birthday Matilda Hi Yasmine. It’s Mathilde’s birthday on Saturday. Is that you can have a party at home? And what we offer him? I have no idea. Kisses, Theo Petit guide You are a French teacher. On the model How to succeed in an interview? pages 72-73, write the following little guide. r * n r * r * r * ;lt;N r ” How to progress _ f w e n g l i s ( During lessons After lessons This is the translated version of Noveau Taxi (Part of it only)

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