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In Cold Blood (Soundtrack) We see the story being told of the Clutters at the beginning of the book, learning how they are a much loved family in their neighborhood, living in the small town of Halcomb. It’s not long before the story turns ugly, and the Clutter family gets murdered in the middle of the night, for not apparent reason what so ever. Throughout the book we see how the story unfolds, and find out that Dick and Perry were the ones who committed the horrendous crime.The first song that relates to the story would be Mansion on the Hill by Hank William’s, he talks about being able to see the mansion on the hill from his cabin. The clutter family was known for owning a Farm and having money, even though they never kept it in their home, Mr. Clutter made good money. The rhythm of the song also depicts the way the people looked at the clutters, with a positive beat and catchy tune, it helps us see how loved the Clutters were, as well as lets us know how everyone in Halcomb knew who they were.The song helps portray the life of the Clutters from the neighboors point of view, you can tell they weren’t jealous of the Clutters, but amazed with what they have accomplished. Lean on Me by The Temptations represents the Clutter family and their bond with each other, and how close they are with each other. They live in a small town therefore they only have each other to count on when anything happens. Since Mrs. Clutter suffers from depression and is sick, it shows how she has a problem but she has people who she can lean on, and trust, her family. The two oldest daughters of Mr. amp; Mrs. Clutter English and Eveanna don’t live in Halcomb and the song shows that no matter how far they live from each other they will always have each other maybe not physically but mentally. Nancy Clutter and Bobby Rupp they were young and in love. That’s why , the song Thousand Years by Christina Perri represents the both of them, how they both grew up together and would of most likely ended up together if Nancy would have been able to live. Their relationship wasn’t completely on hands and affectionate at all times, they had more respect for themselves then people do now.That’s why the song fits them perfectly, it explains how they’ve been together since they were little, and they will continue, no matter what happens, stay together. Hurt Covered by Johnny Cas, projects hopelessness that permeates the story. The opening guitar riffs evokes the feeling the book has after the death of the Clutters. It also represents Dick and Perry “I will make you hurt”, they planned and knew what they were doing the whole time, their hurt towards the Clutters was intentional.Even to the end they both didn’t feel the amount of guilt an average person would of felt, they were heartless. The last song of this sound track is, Homocide by Kid Frost. The title explains itself, it talks about what homicide is and different homicides, that have happened. It fits into the Clutters being they were all murdered in a brutal way. The songs beat isn’t slow but it’s fast and energetic, which makes you feel more like the one committing the homicide than the one being murdered, the song gives you almost an energetic feeling.This song has both views included, the sad part where you here what it is and how often it happens, as well as the killers side where you feel the adrenalin they feel. Which is probably what Dick and Perry felt when they murdered the Clutters, and when they were out on the run. A song that is more a prayer of death is If It Be Your Will by Leonard Cohen, This song is a prayer contemplating death. It’s perfect for a background to an execution and/or burial. You can just imagine yourself being there when Dick and Perry are hanged and when the Clutters are being buried, it’s almost like a last cry for hope.

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