University 2.0 – an Evaluation of the Role of the Internet in Higher Education

An Evaluation of the role of the internet in higher education. Today? s learner exist in a digital age. A wide range of web tools and software is available and the internet offers access to apparently endless sources of information. Pupils as well as students at university have to deal with the technologies if they want to succeed. Pupils in school mostly use the computer for typing essays and looking up information for presentations, whereas students at university need access to the internet to manage their daily university routine, their whole study depends on the internet.Data bases for course and exam registration for instance, to mention just one important fact . Mark Zuckerberg had good reasons to explore the value of the internet and establish the social network facebook, originally established for students to get in contact with each other. Even tutors use the features of facebook to interact with their students. The internet offers completely new possibilities of procedures to the schools and university systems.Easy registration for individual chosen courses, blending learning classes, online shared information on specific data bases, online tutorials for help and even online exams are current methods which are well known by any student. Learning materials are being digitalized and put up on data bases. And the best thing about it is that the internet applications and software you need are for free, once you have got the general equipment.Offerings of online study courses given by so called “Open Universities” enable students of any age to take study courses and graduate with diplomas. The OUs increase the choice of different study courses available to students regardless of their location. Another aspect to mention is the better situation for those who has to earn money beside university, to afford high study fees for instance, since time management is easier and free. Yet, despite all the positive things and possibilities that are opened up by the internet, there are always some critical aspects.Using internet means at first having all the equipment and extras you need and second having the skills to use it at all. Very often it is taken for granted that all students possess equal competence with technology but that? s not the case. Some students are even forced to join social networks against their good will. Since internet based education will be the future it is necessary to teach pupils how to use the internet, let them know about the dangers and convey the competence of evaluating internet sources. M. Ln.

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