Will the Silver Screen Be Ignored in the Future

Someone believes that cinema shops will be ignored on these days due to technological development of multimedia. Others, however,argue that nothing can replace particular attraction of this genre. This essay will outline the reasons why silver screen is still favored while preceding forms of entertainment have eliminated over time. There are two main points of this arguement. The thetre atmosphere is the very first reason to excite audiences.Widescreen, sound effects, lights and feeling of excitement to enjoy up-to-date films with hundreds of people are unlikely to have in limited spaces like watching modern television at home or viewing downloaded movies on fashionable tablets. On the other hand, the immersive experiences being carried out through 3D technology with motion effects bring observers infinite variety of sensation. Home settings seem a great resolution for film fiends to save costs, nevertheless, it hardly possible to share feelings with followers.Cinemas are not only places for entertainment, but also scops for meetings. It will be lacked romantic scenarios of couples for dates or joyous occasions of friends’gathering if siver screens are forgotten. In fact, cinemas have become unique amenity of city dwellers on vacation, day off or outgoing. Film lovers are aslo make friends, discuss about the same interest and excited to waiting for blockbusters together.Outside these, stores inside cinema provide on-site services such as snacks, popcorn, fast food an drinks anytime for clients, so moviegoers are completely served to have a perfect outing. Although high-tech devices massively emerge into our life, cinemascope still attract viewers by its special atmosphere and chances for meetings. However, this form needs much innovation on techniques such as high-tech effects which make films real and lively. Besides that, either advertising campaigns or superior services should be noted to keep audiences’attention.

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