Investigate Data Communications

In this report i will outline telecommunications authorities, types of connectivity, network services, the devices used and modes of data communications. The report will also describe transmission media, standards for data communications and data communications protocol parameters. It will also show an analysis of uses of data communications and network services, determining the devices, mode, transmission rate and protocol parameters.For communicating today you have to have certain standards these are

Network research assignment

A network is basically at least 2 or more computers linked together so they can communicate digitally, or share equipment & email. Our previous sponsor has now decided that she maybe interested in creating a network for her business to hook up with larger publishing businesses. However, she knows little of the technicalities involved and would like them explaining, including my personal opinion and how it can be related to

My system my assessment

Now that my project is complete, its time I gave my system my assessment. As far as I know, I have performed really well. Although the logo should REALLY be changed, the rest of the system looks excellent. The forms I have designed really look professional and the system has reached beyond my expectations. In fact, the real joy of getting such results is that this is my first project

“Smart Cards “

Smart Cards are being extensively used in various fields of life. It has provided customers with the ease of mobility while carrying their personal details with them in an extremely secure manner. Smart Cards have been implemented initially as pre-paid phone cards and picked up trends to be used for e-commerce today.Today I will present the basic structure of a smart card, it’s uses, security feature, and the various benefits

Overview of GPS

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and is based on satellites and their corresponding ground stations. As the Americans were the first to introduce such a system they named it NAVSTAR with the introduction of such a system for military use the Russians had also introduced a satellite system called GLONASS, usually the American version is referred to as GPS. Satellites in orbit around the earth not just America are

Unit 2 computer systems

To access certain content you need to have the necessary plug-in, for example to access flash content, you need to install the flash plug-in in your browser. But to use JavaScript, you don’t have to use any plug-in at all. This is because all browsers have accepted JavaScript as a scripting language and so they provide integrated support for it.ControlA great feature of JavaScript is the control you have over

The user needs

A Chief Constable wants to keep details about local soccer hooligans and their actions, this database will enable the user to go through the criminals and there incidents, the user should be able to search for records of a particular hooligan or search for hooligans who have previously been involved in a particular type of crime.The data neededCriminal personal details: ID, name, age, date of birth, address, post code, telephone

Why was BletchleyPark able to break the Enigma codes

In 1940 the people at Bletchley Park broke the enigma code. Contributing to their success were six main points.They cracked the enigma code with the help of previous work that had been carried out by in November by Hans Thilo Schmidt who got his French spymasters, Rodolphe Lemoine and Gustave Bertrand, to photograph the enigma operating manuals, which Schmidt had ‘borrowed’ from a safe in the German Defense Ministry Cipher

ICT Sample Work India Red

India Red is an Asian based restaurant in Nuneaton City Centre. They are always looking for ways in which they can promote their business to look at ways in which they could raise money to help finance its various activities, many of which benefit the local community. In 1998, “India Red” was launched. The building was previously used by butchers, therefore the restaurant is quite big, can allocate around 50

Postquick Parcels

Access also has its advantages and disadvantages, which need to weigh up against Excel’s advantages and disadvantages to come up with the right choice of software. Access’ advantages include: -* Access can perform advanced queries.* Access can make forms to insert data.* Access is very user friendly.* In Access you can have macros to go between forms and queries.* Access has lots of facilities which help to improve the appearance